Drivers opting for Speed Awareness Course over points

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1 Apr, 2014 5:00pm Jake-Aman Shah

Government stats show increase of almost 1 million drivers opting for Speed Awareness Course

New government figures show almost a million motorists opted for the Speed Awareness Course over the last year to avoid getting points on their driving licence.
The Government statistics showed that in 2013, 953,428 motorists took part in the Speed Awareness Course - a significant increase on the 500,000 who signed up in 2010. 
Drivers are offered The Speed Awareness Course as an alternative to getting points on their licence, but they have to pay £85 for the privilege. In 2011 772,430 drivers enrolled.

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In order to qualify for the Speed Awareness Courses, there are several criteria that need to be met - your speed needs to have been within a specific range. In a 30mph zone, your speed needs to be between 35mph and 42mph, and on motorways, the figure needs to be between 79mph and 86mph.
Motorists are ineligible for the Speed Awareness Course if they have taken one in the three years prior to their most recent speeding offence.
The Speed Awareness Course gives the motorist information on the dangers and consequences of speeding and is also aimed at giving them driving tips from an experienced course leader.
RAC technical director, David Bizley said: “This has to be good news for all those involved as it gives drivers a positive educational benefit, rather than simply adding points to their licences.”