Tax-free cars

Tax-free cars
Credits: Nathan Morgan/ Otis Clay
20 Aug, 2010 3:49pm

New cars emitting less than 100g/km are exempt from road tax – so we rate them all, from A-Z

GOING green has never been easier – or more appealing! Cars that sneak below the 100g/km CO2 barrier come with a host of benefits.

For a start, buyers of the most eco-friendly models don’t have to pay road tax, while business users enjoy an ultra-low company car tax banding. And don’t forget, low emissions are linked to fuel consumption – so the cleanest cars are also among the most economical. As fuel prices rise, this can only be good news.

That’s why we decided to run the rule over every model in the Sub 100g/km Club. As you can see, its members vary from tiny micro cars to full-sized family models. Premium hatches and sporty superminis also feature – there is something for everyone.

In this week’s exclusive guide, we rate them all and provide vital buying information about each line-up. We cover everything from equipment to driving dynamics, to provide a rating out of five in our comprehensive round-up. We even look at some forthcoming sub-100g/km contenders.

Our spec tables include residual value forecasts (for three years and 30,000 miles), Euro NCAP crash test results and claimed economy figures. But all the cars have one thing in common: road tax is free.

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Have you fallen out with MINI? The MINI Cooper D hatch has a CO2 figure of 99g/km, is still on sale in the UK. So why have you excluded it?
Its probably one of the least depreciating cars on the road today, AND your readers should at least be made aware of it .

"We test all Britain's eco friendly cars", but none are made in Britain.
What a pity we don't make cars with less than 100g/km in Britain.
Wait a minute!!
"Both the MINI One D and MINI Cooper D achieve the same low fuel consumption of 74.3 mpg and CO2 emissions of 99 g/km". What chance did the British car industry have when their products don't get a fair press

Hi apial 1, JKennedy13

The test was written before the revised One D and Cooper D – featuring emissions under 100g/km and due in September – went on sale so they weren't included.

We're huge fans of the whole MINI range here and were thoroughly impressed with the revised One D hatch (driven in issue 1,127).

Luke Madden
Auto Express

Did AutoExpress not tell us about the facelift MINIs away back in July? If so just how long does it take to report it? Admittedly the cars are not for sale until September but who is going to by a 59 plater in July or August when they can buy a 60 plate in September also when the MINI facelift is being sold.

If this is a proper "test" of cars that achieve very low fuel consumption on the official EC test cycle, why is there no information on how they perform in the real world relative to their official results? I'd be interested to know if the real consumption of these cars is as impressive, and if there is a wide disparity among the different cars or if they all rank as closely in real life as in the official test.