Chrysler Ypsilon Red&Black

17 Feb, 2012 10:57am Luke Madden

New Chrysler Ypsilon limited-edition model coming to UK

A new Chrysler Ypsilon limited-edition model has been announced. 

The Black&Red goes on sale this month and comes only in a black and red two-colour paint scheme, with 16-inch alloy wheels and body-coloured side skirts. 

The engine choice is more varied, though, with a 900cc TwinAir petrol, 1.2-litre petrol and 1.3-litre MultiJet diesel all available. 

Standard equipment is generous, too, with black and red fabric seats, dashboard and door linings, as well as air-con, Bluetooth and an upgraded stereo all included.

Prices for the Black&Red start at £12,750 for the 1.2-litre petrol and top out at £14,950 for the 1.3-litre diesel. That’s more expensive than the SE trim diesel, which costs £14,195, but cheaper than the range-topping Limited model, priced at £15,495.

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I remember my grandparents owning lots of beautiful Italian Alfas and Lancia in the 70s and 80s. They owned a Beta from new for 10 years and it didn't have a patch of rust - maybe because it was brown and we didn't see it... Lancia left the UK in '93 and I wish it would come back. Not this model though, it looks revolting and can stay badged as a Chrysler. I would like a modern interpretation of a Beta coupe or hatch, without the rust 1970s issues please Fiat.

I think the decision by Fiat/Chrysler to introduce Chrysler badged Lancias was ridiculous. They should have relaunched Lancia. A Lancia badge would carry much more kudos and I m sure would attract more customers in the UK. A missed opportunity.

I fully agree cousins11. I love Italian cars and cringed when I heard the news. Who would want to drive a bloody Chrysler "Delta" anyway? I have to say though... I've seen a Lancia badged Ypsilon in Paris and it was surprisingly nice.

I would rather drive a Kia or a Hyundai than a Chrysler. I used to love the Lancia Y10. But this car is quite ugly, perhaps it was right to put a Chrysler badge on it. I'd rather own a Citroen DS3 or a Toyota iQ.