Dacia Sandero from £69 per month

19 Nov, 2012 4:58pm Luke Madden

The new Dacia Sandero supermini is now available from £69 a month

The Dacia Sandero – Britain’s cheapest car – is now available for just £69 per month, as part of the Dacia Dimensions PCP scheme.

Buyers must put down a deposit of £1,845 and then make monthly payments of £69 for 48 months. Alternatively buyers can lower the initial deposit to £699 and pay £99 per month over the same period.

Those prices apply to the entry-level Sandero Access, which does without air-con, electric windows, central locking or a radio. There are two trim levels above the Access that include a more luxurious equipment list.

Dacia also offers the Duster off-roader as part of the same scheme, with buyers asked to put down a £3,179 deposit followed by a monthly payment of £99 for 48 months. Just like the Sandero, this deal applies to the Duster Access that leaves buyers to add a radio, air-con and central locking at extra cost.

Alternatively, buyers can buy the Duster and Sandero outright with a deposit of just £100 and deliveries beginning at the start of 2013.

They both come with a three-year, 60,000-mile warranty but buyers can upgrade that to a five-year, 60,000 miles or seven-year, 100,000 miles.

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Driving round france there now seems to be more Dacias on the roads than Renaults, sure to be a good seller in the UK

Wonder if it will sell so well when it's pointed out that it's also made in Russia and called the Lada Granta.....google it! Do you really, REALLY want a 15 year old looking car associated with Lada? Depreciation like a stone!

Good news in France is that they hold their value and have a good record for reliability, they sell on price, simplicity and practicability, You take a car fully loaded with extras in with a fault nowa days and it costs a fortune to fix. So add in low running cost of these Dacias and you can see why they are in the top 10 models each month, when was a Lada ever in the top 10??? No I don't work for Dacia, but I do live in France.

Give it time, it's only a volume seller in France as they are Renault owned. 3 more years and bang, the bubble will burst. In the UK they are dated, very dated! Poor safety, basic looks etc. No new car, even at £5995, should have poverty spec unpainted bumpers, white-only paint and look as cheap as the Dacia does.

Maybe, but lets remember that Dacia was not created, initially, for the Western countries, and that the sales in those countries were started "at the request of the public": there are, everywhere in the world, people looking for new, cheap, simple, honest and good cars: to go to work ot to work, to have a 2-nd or even a 3-rd car in the family (for shopping, as exemple), to transport themselves or something from A to B, to go in trips where is a non-sense to use an expensive car. Too, not all the firms need only: expensive cars in their fleet. As exemple, I am thinking that, if your plumber will arrive to your home, to repair something, in an all new Ferrari, then his tariff for the reparation will be at the level of Ferrari, no?

So by your reconing people would have stopped buying VW as soon as they realised that they were associated with Skoda eh. As for a 15 year old looking car they look no different to Hyundai/Kia look wise and my Lodgy has the latest Renault ECO engine that is returning 60 MPG in total without trying to economise.Ride comfort and build quality is given as good by passengers without them being asked. See also What Car customer car clinic video.

I am a proud owner of a 2008 Ford Mustang GT, with the Ford Racing Pack (low+stiff suspensions, 18" tires, special sway bars, etc). I love my car! But I don't drive my car all day. Instead, my day car is a Dacia. Decent engine, loads of space, decent extras (air con, cd player, air bags, etc), excellent MPG all for less then 10.000 eur. Depreciation? about 4 to 5 thousands in 3-4 years (that's less then any american, english, german, french, italian, japanese or korean vehicle). Simply put, my Dacia is superb! A 45 minutes drive to the office means that I press the clutch for about 450 times (to) and another 450 times from. It means that I (as the majority of us do) simply KILL the car. So I'd rather kill a cheap car. Well done Dacia. (PS: my car is a Sandero first generation). My next cars will be a Camaro SS and a Sandero Stepway second generation :D.

Do we really need disposable cars like this?

I think you're wrong escortcossie. Unlike those of us who waste our time reading and writing on these forums the vast majority of the population don't car about cars and just want basic reliable transport. I suspect the poverty spec car my well sell far better than Dacia expects.

My only worry with Dacia is that they suffer Renault reliability levels. However, Skoda's are far more reliable than VW (see Driver Power for proof) so there is no reason why Dacia can't do well.

Yes - don't be so pompous!

You may think that £6K is disposable but for most of us its a lot of money.

If Dacia will sell me a basic car with no kit to go wrong I'll probably run it for 10 years+.

Interestingly parts prices charged by many upmarket manufactures render their cars totally disposable as the price of new parts is higher than the value of an old car. Saab (good riddance) were particularly bad at this £2K for a fuel pump on a car worth £2K?? Straight to the scrap heap.

WRC rally are you serious? The recently launched Lada Granta is basically an updated Lada Kalina, it has zero to do with the Dacia Sandero. I am well aware of the recent affiliation of Renault with Lada, and the selling of the Logan MCV under the Lada badge (only in Russia), but the two cars are completely seperate