Hybrid Ferrari blasts off

27 Jun, 2007 1:00am

This new Ferrari concept is a technological showcase that points the way to the next generation of prancing horses

Looking like a mini Enzo, it's called Mille Chili - in Italian it refers to its weight: 1,000kg. It's made almost entirely from carbon fibre and has carbon ceramic brakes.

Power is from a petrol-electric hybrid mated to a new double-clutch semi-auto box. This will help the firm meet tightening emissions laws.

Unveiled at Ferrari's Fiorano home as part of its 60th birthday celebrations, the Mille Chili also features a radical interior with fixed seats and no dash. All the driving information is contained on the steering wheel, and the pedals can be moved to suit different drivers. Active aerodynamic systems cut drag or assist braking. While the Mille Chili doesn't run and will never be built, its technology is set to grace future Ferrari road cars.
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