Ferrari recalls every 458 Italia built so far

1 Sep, 2010 2:34pm Tom Phillips

Voluntary safety recall begins to modify 458s to prevent fire risk.

After completing its investigations into the fires which affected a number of 458 Italias, Ferrari has issued a voluntary safety recall to get modifications carried out to all 458s which have been built so far.


The campaign covers all cars built so far, up until the end of July. As the factory was shut in August, so no cars were made in that month, this will affect 1,248 cars.

Dealers are calling or emailing clients so the modification can be made to the wheelarch and heatshield assembly. Letters are also being sent.

Adhesive used in the wheelarch assembly has been found to be liable to melt at high temperatures, deforming the wheelarch which can then fall against the exhaust. If the car is being driven hard in places with a high ambient temperature, there is also a risk that the adhesive can catch fire.

The recall will see the adhesive used in the assembly replaced by mechanical fasteners.

Owners of the five cars which hit the headlines because of fire damage will be given a brand new replacement 458 free of charge, as long as the fire was caused by the adhesive issue.

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If I had paid hundreds of thousands of £s for a 458 and it was a possible fire hazzard I would want a replacement, not a garage scewing some self tappers into the wheel arches to stop it falling apart, and what about the resale value? If I was offered a 458 that had been modified I would want a substancial discount in case it caught fire.

If the car was sold from the offset with panel fittings as every other car is, would you be complaining about them then...would you even notice? I dont think so. Faults like these happen, they are, afterall made by humans and alot of real life 'during use' circumstances can't always be simulated during testing. Think of all the possible climates these cars will be sold too, sure, they do hot weather testing, but its not for the lifetime of the vehicle so not all faults can be picked up in the short space of time they have to complete it. Also, even when things ARE tested, a result might come back as positive, and they may have believed the materials they used were suitable. Give them a break, they did a good job on the rest of the car, as you well know they wouldnt have released the car for sale if they had doubts about the longevity of the parts and materials they were using.

Im only adding in my two pennies worth because it does my head in when internet critics on this website especially think they know better than the companies that put the money and research into these products. Do you really think they dont know what they're doing? Ferrari aren't your local kwik fit garage...

"...Ferrari aren't your local kwik fit garage..."

...which is exactly why Ferrari aficionados expect their cars to be perfect. This would never have happened under Enzo's watch...

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