BSM drops Corsa for Fiat 500

Fiat 500
28 Jul, 2009 5:36pm Luke Madden

Learners will take the first their first steps in a Fiat 500, as BSM splits from Vauxhall.

The British School of Motoring has ended a 16-year relationship with Vauxhall. In a move bound to upset the Luton-based company, the Corsa has been dumped for a petite, good-looking Italian...the Fiat 500.

Vauxhall will see this as a huge blow to its potential car sales, with figures from BSM claiming that 70 per cent of first-time buyers choose the car they learnt in.

BSM are hoping to modernise the motoring school to appeal to more drivers; Abu Shafi, managing director of the company, claims that the Fiat “shares the heritage of BSM and the brand’s modern outlook and appeal”.

Fiat will be supplying 14,000 cars to the driving school over the next four years to allow its 130,000 members to get behind the wheel of a 500.

Additionally, BSM is offering a £500 discount on all new Fiat models for their learners on top of any price drops the dealerships may be offering.

The Fiat 500 offers more safety features than any other small cars and has five NCAP stars. With a combined fuel efficiency of 55.4mpg it also has the 48.7mpg Corsa beaten on emissions.

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