New Ford Capri unlikely

20 Nov, 2012 3:45pm Tom Phillips

Ford of Europe sales and marketing boss says a sub-Ford Mustang coupe is unlikely

The head of Ford of Europe marketing and sales, Roelant de Waard, has scotched rumours that a sub-Mustang coupe – a spiritual successor to the Capri - is on his wishlist, even if the economic climate in Europe improves.

Talking exclusively to Auto Express at the launch of the Ford Fiesta facelift, de Waard said: "We have a long list of things we'd like to do - convertibles, RSs and the like - time and weather permitting. But we're not looking at a coupe as it’s the Mustang that we're really excited about.

"When it comes to our brand we're concentrated on covering the SUV segment, with the EcoSport, Edge and Kuga, and we're also keen on having a regular cadence of vehicles that reward the keen driver."

This includes next year’s Fiesta ST and the Mustang, although he refused to be drawn on precisely when the latter will arrive - 2015 seems likely, though.

When asked about the Euro Mustang, he said the decision to bring the car to Europe was helped by an online study that the firm undertook. Ford asked people to rank their favourite Ford brands and the Mustang constantly ranked in the top 10 for recognition in Europe even though the name is unfamiliar here. 

But although it will be sold in Europe in right-hand drive, with more fuel-efficient EcoBoost engines and a choice of manual and auto gearboxes, de Waart confirmed that the all-new Mustang would remain true to its roots: “The Mustang has to stay an American brand, the Americans will be custodians of that car."

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Well this is clearly great news! This means Ford can continue to make more pointless MPVs!

ugliest rendition ever. NOTHING about this says Mustang.

I assume the Capri mock up is based upon thje Focus platform, i.e. smaller than the US Mustang platform. Therefore I'd actually prefer a Capri to a Mustang. I also actually like the look of the Capri but I also like the look of the 'leaked' Mustang pictures, so ....

Smaller is better. Lighter and more nimble is good. Independent rear wheel drive is a must however so I hope the next Mustang is smaller than the current boat.

Well I hope the Ford Capri to return. When the Professionals return on screen it would great when they can their Capri replace by rival capri.

so this will also be death of "New" Puma - very sad day for people who don't want bland boxes!

.. and more pointless SUV supermarket car park bulldozers.

Oh no!

This means that the story that AE trots out every now and again on a slow news day when Ford release a coupe concept image is officially no longer news.

There is no proper new concept about Capri what really can hit the Mk1's shape and style!A few years earlier i was expecting better from Ford.I was really excited about something new as a coupe.Now i'm sad because of 'this' above is just a mass car for the masses....:-((((
Mk1 Forever!!!!

they need to redesign the Capri, not to design something completely different and then call it the Capri, it won't buy any takers

Oh dear. Ford tease with something refreshing, (an evolution of the focus if you will) then lose the plot. 10/10 for lack of vision. Ford, People want exciting inexpensive cars!

That mockup photo (heading the story) looks great to me.

Nothing like the original Capri, but I don't think that matters - lets face it, the bulk of buyers won't have seen a Capri, let alone be emotionally attached to the old design.