OFFICIAL - Ford Focus RS500

29 Mar, 2010 2:49pm Tom Phillips

All the details of the Blue Oval's fitting send off for the current Focus

The Focus is set to go out with a bang with the ultimate hot hatch! For the car’s swansong, before the all-new third generation arrives in dealers next year, Ford bosses have given the green light to a firebreathing new version.

Hear the RS500 in action in the official teaser video

Taking the already potent RS as a base, the RS500 features a revised engine that will really get fast Ford fans talking. The Volvo-sourced turbocharged 2.5-litre has been tweaked by UK-based tuner Mountune. The result is a power output boosted to 345bhp – a 15 per cent increase from standard. Plus, torque has risen from 440Nm to 460Nm, to give the engine yet more mid-range punch.

To squeeze out all the extra power, the RS500 is equipped with an enlarged intercooler, which feeds colder, denser air into the engine. A larger exhaust downpipe and new fuel pump have been fitted to keep up with the unit’s higher performance demands.

In addition, the engine management system has been recalibrated to optimise the delivery of power for maximum pace. As a result, the sprint from 0-62mph now takes only 5.6 seconds – three-tenths faster than the standard car – while top speed is up from 163mph to 165mph.

Other than the engine changes, there have been very few modifications to the car’s chassis. The RevoKnuckle front suspension system – which reduces torque steer – remains the same, as does the Quaife limited-slip differential. The brakes are also carried over, although the calipers are painted red to help set the RS500 apart from lesser models. Ford has retained the 19-inch 15-spoke alloy wheels, too, but given them a metallic black finish.

To prove that the chassis could cope, as part of the car’s development programme, three racing drivers were hired to lap the infamous 12.9-mile Nordschleife section of the Nürburgring circuit in Germany non-
stop 500 times. Following the test, chief engineer Matthias Tonn confirmed: “An eight-minute lap time is within reach.” tThat would make the RS500 the fastest hot hatch at the track, eclipsing the current record of eight minutes 17 seconds, held by the Renaultsport Mégane R26.R.

Ford will offer only one colour – a striking matt black foil finish, specially developed for the car by American technology firm 3M. The foil is applied by hand after each model rolls off the line at Ford’s plant in Saarlouis, Germany. A unique blue and red badge is also added to the tailgate.

Inside, a number of modifications have been carried out. The RS500 is based on the top-spec version of the RS, so it already gets air-con, parking sensors and Recaro seats. But in addition, each car is individually numbered with a plaque on the centre console. There’s a unique red colour scheme, with red stitching for the leather on the steering wheel, door trims and gearlever gaiter. The only options are a touchscreen DVD sat-nav and red leather seats.

The car will make its debut on 9 April at Germany’s Leipzig Motor Show, and go on sale in the UK late in June. As it did with 2003’s GT supercar, Ford will bring 101 examples to the UK. Demand is likely to be high, despite the predicted £34,000 price. Bosses are finalising a ballot system to decide the lucky recipients of the fastest Focus ever.

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The New Council Estate Hero !

Bond_James_Bond - how very original of you! All I see at the council estate near me are BMW's and Audi's! So by your smart sheep like statement they can also be classed along with the Focus Yes?! Also have you ever driven an RS to actually experience what the car is supposed to be like?

Onto the car I'd be interest to see how it copes with the extra power. I own the current RS (and no I'm not a chav or live on a council estate) and it struggles to get the power down from a standing start, but when rolling there is bags of available power. The car will be a great to drive and while not the most refined car in the world will be loads of fun to own and drive, just like the current RS. Not sure on the mat black or red seats though.

This car would fit in perfect as Mad Max's car for the new movie - Fury Road. Its got all the bumps and vents to rival the original interceptor. And it has that dark, venomous black colour. I like the red seats though. But is it too much black? mmm... (they really should have put AWD in it)!

Well that is far from what I was expecting. When will they realise that it should be AWD not FWD, and it can't be a good car, it's a Ford Focus, my 16 year old Nissan would be faster and much more fun in the bends

why not wait and put it in a mondeo coupe and call it the rs500 ...this is all wrong and looks too chavy.

Should have been AWD, Ford cutting corners doing things the cheap n' nasty FWD way, come on Ford you are better than this.

Should be king of the McDonalds car parks where all the Chavs named Dave meet on a Friday who work at the local supermarket.

This won't sell. Flash is out, real usable power is in. Look at me has turned into watch me go!

Richie767 - Ah the sheep are out, I doubt you will see many if any at all, £34,000 cars in a McDonalds car park driven by chav's that work in super markets, please think about what your saying, you just sound like an idiot!

Also it will sell, no doubt about that. And again the power is usable you just have to know how to use it.

Should have been classy AWD which would have pushed it out of the CHAV price bracket who live off of Bank of Mum and Dad for free.

Hey richie767- you really have nothing better to do, have you? Making silly comments on this site. Goes to show you have absolutely no idea of superb vehicles nor the level of engineering excellence that goes behind building one! You sound like a typical Chav, and I would urge you to stop embarrassing yourself further and instead go down to your local Mcdonalds to meet your friends who work at the supermarket.

First of all richie767, I can't believe your comments, Mcdonalds car on a Friday night?!? It's more likely to be bought by a an avid Ford Fan who will keep the car in his garage who only brings it out on sunny days (big shame). Only 101 are to make here to the UK. So the chances of seeing one in any car park are slim to none.

Darrel, 16 year old Nissan better than a RS500? Fat chance! Not all great cars have to be AWD. The current RS is FWD and is one the best hot hatch on the market.

The fact is that Ford have always been known for great handling cars and put that with the RS500 badge and Ford have got another legend born!

It looks amazing in the matte black paint and matching rims. But come on, 345bhp to the front wheels? That will be a tyre shredder.

Total chav

Anyone who buy's one of these deserves it! More ugly Ford crap on the roads. Get a life you people!

It is very sad. Needs 500 HP to beat R26R

Peter_Tremulis - Sorry to say on the 4 days before this car was announced we took 4 deposits on it out of 101 avalible in this country. Sorry but IT WILL SELL

34K? Are they serious? How does a small power boost and a black paint job equal an extra £8k over the standard model?

What a pity that we will never see a 4 wheel drive version :(

The matt black paint looks pants. Did someone forget to put the final coat on it. HORRIBLE!

listen fellas first you focus haters back off. if you dont like the car just shut up and keep it to yourself and go to another site. i have been a focus fan dince 2000 . i dont have the privlege to have an rs or rs500 i live in the usa. all we ever got was focus svt which compared to the rs might as well been the cheap base model. then in like 2004 they eventook that away from us. now if we want something in that type car we stuck with the lancer or civic . but NO ford. so everyone in UK quit gripping at least yall got one.

Obviously the 500 has a massive power advantage - but the Mugen R looks like more car for your money I'd guess.

Come on another marketing ploy from FORD its a FANTASTIC car but that premium and a boy racer 3M film applied!!!!!
My advice and what lm doing.....
1.Buy a Mk1 Escort,2.Full rally prep,3 Fit Saab Viggen Engine,4 Enjoy the FUN sideways....


Ah Ford, yet again a bad ass looking hatch that nobody will buy because it isn't awd like some of the notables. Until its got awd, it isn't a serious.

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