Ford Focus Coupé on its way

22 Nov, 2010 12:01am Sam Hardy

Ford's new sportscar is based on Focus MkIII and evokes spirit of legendary Capri.

It’s the return of a legend – the Ford coupé is back! Auto Express can exclusively reveal that the blue oval is taking on the VW Scirocco with a modern interpretation of the Capri. 

Since the Cougar left the line-up in 2002, Ford has stood by and watched the sexy Scirocco take the market by storm. The firm’s new model is based on the Focus MkIII, and will have two roles – replacing the outgoing three-door hatch and providing a thrilling flagship for the entire range. 

The Focus coupé is set to make its debut at the Detroit Motor Show in January in the form of a dramatic concept. As with the latest Focus and Fiesta, it’s a ‘world car’ – a result of the One Ford global design strategy. 

Speaking to Auto Express recently, design boss Martin Smith hinted that now is the right time for a coupé. “Our plan was always to get the basic Ford product line-up successful,” he said. “Now we have done that, we can start to build more exciting products – and we’ll show how we’re going to do this at Detroit.”

An industry insider backed this up, revealing: “Designers have spent most of this year working on the coupé concept. As inspiration they’ve had pictures of Capris on their studio walls.” But, as you can see from our images, this is no retro design. The car takes inspiration from the Focus ST (Issue 1,132), although the shape is stretched and widened, making it long, low and dramatic. 

At the front is a gaping grille, and there’s a steeply sloping screen at the rear. One nod to the past is the distinctive Capri-style curving C-pillars, while details such as LED headlights, large alloys and a centre-exit exhaust complete the look. 

The new coupé sits on a development of the ST’s front-wheel-drive chassis, and will share the same traction-enhancing torque vectoring system. But it has a wider track to aid stability. Performance comes from the same 247bhp 2.0-litre turbocharged EcoBoost petrol engine, enabling 0-60mph in around six seconds and a top speed of 155mph.

The new unit will make a thrilling sound, thanks to a combination of intake and exhaust tuning that gives a soft note on small throttle openings, and a hard-edged noise at high revs. Expect lower-powered petrol and diesel engines to be offered as well. 

While the coupé concept debuts at Detroit in January, the production version isn’t likely to arrive until 2012.

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Nice but we want the time from the 4WD Cossies back! Because we still need more traction on exits from slow corners!

I'd have hoped Ford would have done a little more design-wise than market an oversized Fiesta.
It says go up against the Scirroco but it already looks like one!
Hardly ground breaking.
Come on Ford you can make it look better than this!

Are you sure they had pics of the Capri on the wall - and not the Scirocco!!

Bland looking anonymous hot hatch. I recall the excitement at the launch of the original Capri 40+ years ago and doubt whether this car will raise anything like such interest or passion.
A 'Capri' it most certainly is not - it's just another hot hatchback for boy racers. No doubt it'll come with the option of a 'wicked' kilowatt sound system and bean can exhaust - and a psshh psshh wastegate?

This looks like a copy of the Astra. Not as sleek as the Volkswagon or Renault. To call it a coupe is completely out of order more a hot hatch or could a new class of hot van. I'm a Ford fan but their offerings at the moment all have that stubby look.

If the new coupé looks like your artist's interpretation, Ford have missed a real opportunity. They can look to their American operation for the success of retro designs like the Thunderbird, Mustang and GT.
The Capri is the European Mustang, but is not treated with the same reverence as its US twin. If Ford wants to bandy the C word about, at least give us a long-bonneted fastback rather than the annoyed-looking Scirocco/Fiesta/Celica you've shown.

Capri my a**e - The PR department might want to associate with the current modern/retro trend but clearly the designers do not. Was the capri called the Cortina Coupe?

Well ford you had the chance to bring back the capri ,need i say anymore ..most of the guys here hit the nail on the head ,,VW .

maybe there something wrong with my eyes or some of the guys reading this review but the car in the picture hardly looks wide nor longer than a current focus, in fact its about the same size as the fiesta. if it's longer & wider then there some serious problems with the front, its too bold upfront and has a very high bonnet line. But judging by the visible seats in front, its quite stubby, hardly spacious.

oh come on Ford its along the lines of the last would be the scirocco for me ,but blown away with the peugeot RCZ now thats a design thats my baby in 2011.

I don't think that the World needs another hot Focus!

What would be exciting would be a 2 door lowered Kuga with a V6 where the rear seats are, about 500 bhp and 4wd, wider wheels and subtle aerodynamics!

When my old man rolled up with one of the first Capris, we were the envy of the neighbourhood. It was only a Cortina in a flash suit but, in the context of its time, it looked gorgeous.
This Focus Coupe may sell OK but don't anyone kid himself it's the new Capri
John D

PS again, a Honda CRZ with Nissan 370 rims, mate try again it's fare away from the legendary Capri!

The car, if it is actually built, will look nothing like the 2 pictures here.
This is after all Auto Express, and we all know how far off their photoshop attempts are.
I will await a REAL image before I make my mind up.

The original Capri was a breath of fresh air in the drab Austin Morris 60s.
This car follows the usual rules of today.
Frog mouth grill, Peugeot style rear lights.
It'll be dated in two years.
In the 60s and 70s you aspired to own a top of the line Ford.
Now you only buy one because you cann't afford the BM, Audi or Merc.

>...Now you only buy one because you cann't afford the BM, Audi or Merc...

Modern Capri my a**e. Ford had the opportunity to build a retro classic and instead it looks like they think we all want another short stumpy eco-box with a bonnet that's too high and huge over-designed lights. That isn't a Capri Mk4; it's a FWD Fiesta clone and it's not coming on my driveway. Ford should have re-made the MK3 Capri and included modern features such as an immobiliser and bodywork less prone to rust.

the 3dr Kia C'eed, and unfortunately, that's a compliment.

"Ooh - its the new Capri!" Hang on - wasnt the Probe supposed to be the new Capri?!!

Its worse than Jaguar with each new car they brought out over the last 10 years. "Ooh - its the new E-Type"...

Inane, ugly and as people have already pointed out - looks more like a Kia and Megane Coupe in unholy union.

Why cousins shouldnt marry.

If Ford had just announced the new 3-door Focus (which this is) everybody'd be very happy. Saying it's the new Capri/ a coupe was obviously a big mistake.

Who calls out load that it’s the ”new Capri” ? Ford or AutoExpress ???

Please Ford design the car around the name and you might have a winner

Well yet again, it's yet ANOTHER Auto Express "exclusive". Oh and it's a (wait for it), PHOTOSHOP "exclusive"! Again I have to ask where AE gets its information from and how much are they bunging Ford to come up with this crap.

As for the car itself, well Scirocco hasn't got a thing to worry about and quite frankly neither has anything else much. Someone else mentioned that the Probe had been cited as the "New Capri" and they are absolutely right. The Capri was and still is a classic in the true sense of the word. Ok, so what if it was an overdressed Cortina it still looked good and, on the very rare occasions that I've seen one, still does. The Mk 2 and 3 were absolutely gorgeous, especially when you sling a 3.0 V6 into it. The above effort is, to be perfectly candid, an insult to the legendary Capri of the time. There is nothing that can come remotely close to it in this day and age so AE and anyone else tempted to cite this "thing" as the "New Capri", stop right now while you're still marginally ahead.

Oh yes and while we're on the subject, yes, it does look like a 3 door Focus, so bill it as one.

Looking at picture 2 again, does anyone else see the Puma in the profile?

Just me then.

My best mate brought a new Capri in 1973, l was green with envy. This new one wants to make me chuck-up.

Ford were doing so well with the new Fiesta as well, whats going on Ford this Capri is rubbish?

Come on Ford, how come Ford teased us a couple of years ago with the Visos Concept, which was a proper reimagining of the Capri badge. But now they are trying to pass off a 3 door Focus as the New Capri. I'd quite like it if it was just the 3 door Focus, but to call it the New Capri, no way!!

You can't attemp to cash in on the Capri legacy and then design a car without rear wheel drive. Ford... stop palming us off with this safety concious hatchback guff and give us a proper car that you can powerslide round a roundabout!

one final word from me..... so we have a 3 door focus now called a capri how long will it be before vauxhall call say the vxr astra a manta, which was always there answer to the capri

So the design team had pictures of a Capris for inspiration? Well it looks like they bined the pictures and just copied the Focus but left a few doors out to save money, two out of ten for effort, but I don't think you have fooled anyone.

Bloody hell AE you do take the p, you have got a stock Focus ST and this is what you managed: a car with wheel arches so tight the car would bottom out, or the car would need rock hard suspension, Gallardo sized wing mirrors and a design that doesn't work from any angle.

Ford have a word with these people! Or surprise us and launch something worthy of the Capri name, then we can all laugh at what is basically some more AE bull shit!

IF this rendering is anywhere near correct, then this is another missed opportunity. Using the new Focus face on a 'coupe' is a big mistake, as it's dull as dishwater in hatchback form already. Not sure that the market needs a new Capri, but it doesn't really need this version of the Focus either. Just badge it as a 3 door and be done with it.

Well this idea of creating a competitor for the Scirocco and Astra GTC is very nice.

But this is just a photoshop of a picture from the VW Scirocco with a Mk3 Focus front and rear. So i can't make a real decision what i think of the design.

Also i hope they really don't choose the name Capri for this sportive Focus 3-door. The Capri was known as a sportive car for "average" people and the current Focus ST is not reachable for all people, especially in Holland (price is around 31.000 GBP). So they will "abuse" the name Capri.

Greetings from Holland!

>...ST is not reachable for all people, especially in Holland (price is around 31.000 GBP)...

Don't call a Capri. It very small then small like the Fiesta. Name something else. For us Capri fans will want Capri to return as the same size like the orginal Capris.

Don't palm us off with this tripe... I'd be almost surprised if the designers behind the above design even held a driving license; it looks like something knocked out by a GCSE student in an art class. Just bring back the Capri as it was, it wouldn't cost much to make as there's no pointless electronic gadgets involved, just proper engineering and a nice looking car. If Brussels pokes its nose in to complain about a lack of ABS or a square front end just tell them to jog on.

Not another soulless bland Ford we already have lots of them, lets have a car with a big heart bring back a REAL Capri not a Focus.

Must be a slow news day.

Every couple of months AE wheels out the "The Capri is back!" story.

Has been doing so ever since the Cougar was cancelled.

I see Capri in it.. rubber on four corners, what plonker said that it even had a hit of Capri in it :-(

At least fiat made the 500 look retro...

To be honest AlanN it looks like Ford took more inspiration from the Fiat Punto than they did fro their own Capri. They don't need to get any design ideas from anywhere... just bring back the mk3 Capri and they would have an instant hit on their hands; I'd buy one tomorrow.

Ive seen brilliant concept drawings from Capri fans that bring it screaming in to the new millenium, so no excuses for a modern theme... Buy one tomorrow! without even thinking ;)

Oh for a modern interpretation of the Capri. Funny how much criticism retro design gets, but it hasn't stopped Porsche, Aston Martin and Ford US etc producing beautiful modern interpretations of retro classics which will still be remembered when this bland modern box is forgotten.

The back of a scirocco is hardly original as it looks like a 5th gen. Civic hatch back..

so I don;lt knwo why some are complaing about this Ford Coupe , it looks good..

I know it's just an artist's impression but have the designers not got even a hint of originality? Also, WTF is up with the idea that a Focus Coupé will somehow get Capri fan's juices flowing; it won't.
Many manufacturers 'new retro' designs fall short of inspiring the same lust that the older models did, look at the new 'Sirocco' - sure, it's a nice-looking car, and no doubt good to drive, but it doesn't resemble the original cult-starter in the least. Audi look set to make the same snafu with their 'new Quattro'.
Modern Retro seems to be something the Americans are getting right, with Mustangs, Challengers and Camaros' genetic heritage apparent from first glance.

The only Euro cars currently succeeding are Fiat with the current 500 and the New Beetle. I think the Lancia Stratos concept has hit the nail on the head but it's still not 100% certain to make it to production, as far as I know...

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This is the 2011/12 Focus ST.

It has nothing to do with a Capri.

Please please please stop claiming that every new 2/3 door sporty Ford is the new Capri.

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Think that name capri should never of been mentioned by ford for this model, there will never ever be another capri like the original one nuff said, it had its time and now its history. saying that this new ford has all the looks that people want these days.

Must collect the years and years of AE scoops of RS's, ST's, new Pumas and Capris that they have dreamt up and send them in a collage to ask why not one has come to fruition.

All total nonsense of course, and nothing to do with what Ford are actually designing. Sells mags though guys.....

Can I just say that the following statement "this new ford has all the looks that people want these days" added by the above poster is totally wrong. I'm about these days and I personally hate cars that look like this, check out other peoples comments on here too, there's hardly anyone that likes it. Ford should grow a pair and start making proper cars again instead of these euro box things with every safety feature known to man.

I bet Ford made this incarnation just for big magazine, like AE is, so they can hear peoples comments. I m sure,Ford didn't even intend to call this Capri but just to give it a photoshop try if people might like this fiesta-megane-punto-proceed-etc-design. Fiesta and Focus sell well so they had to design something similar, and business wisely I don't blame them but for feck sake don't call this incarnation Capri or Scirocco beater! I m not even Ford fan, never had Ford, but this "exlusive" story pisses me offff

It's confused! Cross between Astra VXR / new Renault Megane RS / Honda CRX and as someone else said stolen wheels from a Nissan 370z.

What amazes me is when an automotive giant wants to re-launch a classic with a modern touch, most of the cars you can see a resemblance of the original car, take the Fiat 500, looks like the orignal 500 but fatter, new Mustang or GT 500 looks like the orignal but bigger and fresh. This..........just looks like a focus.

Seriously nice car but don't call it the Capri!

Let's hope they team up with Cosworth again to produce another classic!

Let's hope they team up with Cosworth again to produce another classic!

I have a proper Capri and I wouldn't swap it at any cost for this heap of electronically assisted, safety concious, front drive cab-forward junk.

It should be parked on my drive!!!


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