Ford Kuga painted by radio controlled cars

9 Sep, 2010 1:28pm George Chapman

Artist Ian Cook paints Ford's Kuga with radio controlled cars in time lapse video.

Released exclusively to Auto Express, petrolhead and artist Ian Cook has painted the recently facelifted Ford Kuga in a time lapse video using radio controlled cars instead of paint brushes.

Ian, 27 from the West Midlands made news recently after painting a life size depiction of F1 maestro Lewis Hamilton. Specialising in motoring related paintings, other commissions include pieces for motor shows and galleries using only car tyres and the wheels of radio controlled tyres as utensils.


Filmed on location at Ford delearship, Dees of Wimbledon, Ian has teamed up with Ford in order to help promote the latest version of Ford's agile and sporty looking compact SUV. Ford Kuga prices start at £20,495 for the 136bhp 2.0-litre TDCI diesel engine version and stretch to £24,495 for the higher spec four wheel drive Titanium model.

Working under the name Popbang Colour, Ian painstakingly depicts his subjects with impressive accuracy. The footage was also streamed live online.

Watch our exclusive time lapse video of Ian at work to see the finished product.

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This guy drives me mad. I see him at every car show I attend making these horrible looking paintings using remote control cars, wow amazing. I can't believe people pay for his 'art', his paintings look like a something a 5 year old has produced and don't capture any of the essence of racing, speed or driving.

There are much better auto artists out there such as Tim Layzell who produce stunning works.

I don't understand why this guy's art is so popular.

I watched him at a car show last summer and he was using a brush!

Totally overrated. I didn't think the novelty would last this long.

He can do this and he paints a Ford Kuga? Talk about talent down the drain...

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