Ford Evos coupe revealed

31 Aug, 2011 7:00am Sam Hardy

Amazing four-door gullwing Evos points to the look of next Mondeo

It’s the new face of Ford – a striking four-door, four-seater sports coupe that lays down a masterplan for the way the firm’s cars of tomorrow will look.

The head-turning Evos features incredible gullwing doors, a fuel-sipping petrol-electric hybrid powerplant and cutting-edge infotainment systems. But most importantly of all, it drops the biggest hint yet at how the all-new Mondeo family car – due to make its debut next year – is shaping up.

The Evos concept will be the star of Ford’s Frankfurt Motor Show stand in September, and is the first example of the company’s all-new Kinetic 2 global design language. This latest family face is the result of a collaboration between the company’s design studios around the world, and it will dictate how upcoming Ford models, such as the Mondeo and S-MAX, will look. It could also point to a much-rumoured coupe, too.

We’ve already seen glimpses of Kinetic 2 in the Vertrek, which will replace the Kuga SUV, but the Evos moves Kinetic a further step forward.

It has distinctive proportions, with the 4.5-metre body slightly longer than that of a Focus. Yet the car is nearly as broad as a Lamborghini Aventador – it’s 1.97 metres wide – and almost as low as an Audi TT at 1.36 metres.

At the front, the new signature trapezoidal Ford grille is mounted in a prominent, high position. Extremely slim ‘laser cut’ front headlights with LEDs are another key feature designed to give a characterful, upmarket look.

Deep slashes in the lower part of the nose house spotlights, while a sporty splitter and small air intake complete the new face.

Elsewhere, the design is all about bold surfacing – just look at the raised bonnet bulge and the sculpted flanks – and with relatively short overhangs and a fastback tail, it’s a taut and sporty look that we could see easily being translated on to forthcoming models.

One feature that won’t be carried over, of course, is the gullwing door layout, which uses four individual openings. The front ‘wings’ incorporate the slim windscreen A-pillars and part of the bonnet, while those at the back lift most of the rear bodywork up and away as they open. Inside, the Evos is built around the driver. The layout features clean, simple surfaces with a slim upper instrument panel and bold trapezoidal cut-outs. Contrasting these shapes are curvy sweeps either side of the driver, providing secondary information about car and infotainment systems.

Individual touchscreens in the rear allow passengers to control functions such as seat adjustment, while up front, the driver sits in a bold red seat and enjoys the very latest version of Ford’s SYNC in-car connectivity system. This combines music streaming with info about traffic, weather and road conditions.

The idea is that the owner can focus on driving, as the Evos communicates with the outside world. It can automatically heat or cool the cabin before anyone gets on board, reroute the car to avoid areas of heavy pollution and congestion and update the chassis, steering and engine settings using sat-nav to read the road ahead and prepare for the demands likely to be put upon it. Under the bonnet, the Evos is designed to use the same petrol-electric powertrain as the Ford C-MAX Energi hybrid, which is due on sale in the UK in 2013.

This combines a 2.0-litre petrol engine with an electric motor, running off lithium-ion batteries, to drive the front wheels. The system allows the engine and electric motor to work together or separately to maximise efficiency – Ford says the Evos has a range of up to 500 miles.

It can also run solely on electricity, and plugs into the mains to top up. There are no official performance figures, but the 250bhp combined output should give 0-60mph in seven seconds and 60mpg economy.

Ford says there are no plans to build the Evos, but design boss J Mays said: “The first fruit of this vision will be ready in four months’ time,” at the Detroit Motor Show in January. This is thought to be the production Vertrek.

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Come on, the new Mondeo? Is that like the old Mondeo concept car, it turned out to be so watered down it looked, and still looks nothing like it. When Ford do what Peugeot did with the RCZ, then I'll take notice.
Yes, the 'concept' looks great, but then, don't they nearly always look great? It's the watered down versions that look extremely dissapointing. Rather like the Gov before they were elected, all promise and nothing to back it up. Blame it on the previous governement like they all do. Ford, you are the same, all promise. Don't give us your watered down version of this. If you can't produce it, don't show it!

It can just be the new capri and go out similar like that. Notice the 3-door trick hyundai did and carried on the production line for the veloster.

Mondeo are family cars. I am tall and hate the cramped feeling of the golf etc.

It is a "miracle" that though "watered down" (and it should be to provide such room inside the mondeo or mazda or insignia still look the way they do.

It could be worse: look at the ugly mutt of the passat which looks as if it was hit with elephant tranq darts and has a hard surface interior.

...but Ford has lost it's balls and cars like this will never see the production line. Come on Ford, prove us wrong

I don't understand why Ford shows a concept car that not only is the best car Ford has shown in decades but the best coupe I have seen for some time when it has not intentions of producing it. Don't they realise that it just serves to highlight how poor the cars they produce really are. Especially when other manufacturers such as VW, Peugeot and Toyota, to name a few, are showing great show cars and coupes that they are taking to production. Looks like J Mays thinks everyone else has got it wrong.

Having seen the concept photos I had at last seen a Ford I would buy. I then read the article and it confirmed all the reasons why I still will not be buying Fords, unless of course I want a 2 door boy-racer Focus which they try to say is a coupe.

Well Ford can fool some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time.

They have the design expertise and imagination. Do they have the will to produce it.

Ford needs a image change and that's it ! ...FORD BUILD GREAT CARS they just need to give the badge a bit of spice again... Then badge man and BMW man will come flooding back.. that car is a beauty!

Well the return of Ford Capri will be great. So the Movie Version Professionals can get new Ford Capris. For Brodie & Doyle, Not Shaw or Collins. New Brodie & Doyle.

Seen concept cars like this, millions of times before! Where's the originality? The flair? Looks like something, any mediocre design student could do.

I absolutely agree with JTravolta77´s elegant but there´s no originality to it.Seems like the kind of thing I would sketch on paper before getting really started.It´s another missed oportunity.

I absolutely love it!! (drooling) BUT...Ford will never bring it to market looking as stunning. What a shame!!! Ford needs to grow a pair! JUST DO IT!!

When Ford states that coupes do not make money, what is the comparison: the Capri (an icon and plenty sold), the Mustang (brought back by Ford and a big seller) or the Cougar and Probe (both turkeys). Ford is right copues do not sell but only if they are bad coupes. The same is with any bad car. Equally good cars and good coupes sell.

Go on Ford, make a good coupe once again. Make this. The sales figures will surprise you.

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