New Ford Mondeo revealed

28 Sep, 2011 7:00am Luke Madden

We reveal the dramatic new look of the next Ford Mondeo, set to feature a hi-tech cabin and efficient engines

Ford is gearing up to unveil the most desirable Mondeo ever. With a look inspired by the stylish four-door Evos concept car, plus a host of 
hi-tech kit, the saloon will hope to shift its everyday image.

Set to debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2012, the car will hit the road next summer.

Our exclusive illustrations – based on insider information 
and recent spy shots – show the Mondeo gets the latest Kinetic 2 design language.

This includes the large, inverted trapezoidal grille from the Fiesta, Focus and C-MAX, yet more pronounced and mounted higher up. Another key feature is the narrow headlights.

But the look is about much more than simply the blue oval’s family face. Two boldly defined feature lines adorn the sides, while bulging rear wheelarches and a steeply raked roofline reveal the car’s sporty intentions.

It’s not only the looks that 
will be inspired by the Evos; 
the Mondeo will also lift its 
powertrain from the concept. The range-extending 2.0-litre petrol engine and electric motors won’t be offered from launch, but will follow. This will allow for an electric-only range of around 50 miles and about 500 miles between fill-ups.

More conventional engines will make up the rest of the range, including Ford’s 1.6 
and 2.0-litre EcoBoost petrol turbos. In the current car, 
the latter produces 200bhp and returns 36mpg economy, while the 1.6 – as found in the C-MAX 
– will offer 150bhp and 180bhp outputs. Also available will be a range of diesel models, including a 112bhp 1.6-litre TDCi and a 2.0 TDCi with 137bhp or 163bhp.

Even the traditional engines will be among the most efficient on the road thanks to eco 
tweaks currently used in 
the latest models, such as the 
Focus. These include stop-start, brake energy regeneration and active aerodynamics that close the grille at high speeds to improve fuel efficiency.

Under the skin will be a 
modified version of the current Mondeo’s front-wheel-drive 
chassis, which will include 
torque vectoring for the first time. 
This helps to shuffle power between the front wheels in 
corners to prevent understeer.

Inside, the impressive fit 
and finish and high-quality 
materials used in recent Fords will help the Mondeo bridge 
the gap to more expensive 
rivals from Audi and BMW. A range of hi-tech gadgets will make the newcomer one 
of the most advanced models 
on the road.

This includes the SYNC entertainment system, which can play audio, read text messages and deal with voice commands through wirelessly connected smartphones. In addition, the Mondeo will get features such as lane-keep assist, blind-spot monitoring and parking assistance.

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If the next Mondeo looks as good as that I will show my bare backside in Marks & Spencers window, "Inside, the impressive fit 
and finish and high-quality 
materials used in recent Fords will help the Mondeo bridge 
the gap to more expensive 
rivals" roughly translated this means whilst the fit will be very good the finish will be more shiny plastic in the shape of a transformer as is the current Ford fashion.

I mean, every damn car magazine copy pastes proto looks to mules for some time now...

Don't expect to look like this.

By the way I don't like it.

It has the grille of an aston martin, the front lights of an XF and the backside from an Audi A7... I don't think it will look anything like this!!!

Ford would have a BIG winner on its hands if the finished article is as handsome a beast as this AutoExpress rendition...

Lets hope Ford have a interior which does the exterior justice...

If it can... Mucho worry for the A4/3/C-class brigade, let alone Fords traditional rivals in the sector such as Passat and Insignia.

The grille looks more like that off a mk2 Austin Mini than an Aston.

Maybe the way BMW are handling the Mini name, it could well be their new large family saloon.

Mind you, the grille from the original Austin Mini Clubman was based on that of the mk2 Cortina, so a bit of a circular reference?

Looks handsome from side and rear but the front end doesn't work for me looks anonynous like a Japanese or Korean car. I don't understand Ford's philosophy these days, it's trying to inject glamour and style in their cars but shouldn't a Mondeo be like a VW Passat? a no-nonsense, functional, simple car? I think Ford need to go back to basics, they forget but they aren't a premium or aspirational marque like a BMW, Mercedes etc...

Cannot see where the innovation is here. You mention the ecoboost engines, well, downsized turbo/super charged engines have been on offer from VW and Fiat for ages, took Ford a while to catch up. Diesels are the usual PSA units, down on power compared to Renault, VW, Hyundai etc. SYNC entertainment system, yee har, my Grande Punto Sporting is a 2006 model and plays music through a smartphone or USB, reads text messages, responds to commands. That is a supermini, 5 years ago. Sorry autoexpress, but this article is an advert from Ford, not an article from a journalist.

What a looker! The mondeo just keeps getting better and better. I do however think it should take a leaf from Vauxhalls book and rename it, as the name brings it down somewhat. I dont think the Insignia would have done so well if it had retained the Vectra badge. C'mon Ford, revamp this beast completely!

Let's hope it really looks as much like this as possible. It does look good with it's Aston Martin grille. Problem is it will be a mock up - more or less - of a top spec model. When it gets down to a 1.6d Edge or Zetec or whatever the base spec models are called it will probably look - well, you know.....

Let's also hope it does not follow the growth trend and pile on more pounds and inches. The Mondeo is too big now. The main thing is that is must have decent engines, the current Mondeo was spoilt by poor engines for most if it's life and for me the biggest put off with the hi spec models was the awful, childish electronic dials that looked cheap and garish, like a child's computer game. Give it some grown up dials like a 3 Series! Or for me it will never get on my drive.

Mondeos already have Bluetooth access to your mobile, speech control, ecoboost engines etc even on the lower spec models
I use mondeos in my fleet and have found them to be good, quality vehicles, doing huge mileages without fuss

It looks like an Aston in Jaguar XF body.

All I see is an A5 clone that is overstyled. Let's hope they haven;t taken on those dullards from the VW/Audi design department!

For those who think their car already has speech recognition, I suggest you look at these youtube videos of just how clever the Ford SYNC Mytouch is. No remembering specific commands because it has a variety of commands for the same operation, eg "increase temp" "warmer" and "hotter" all increase the cabin temperature.

The "new" Mondeo has too many "looks" from other cars as has been mentioned and the rear view has a passing resemblance to that of an AM from the'70s.
It's not ugly but not startlingly good looking either, a bit of a shame really but that's not to say the production vehicle will be exactly like the pictures shown here in AE.
At the end of the day I'm sure the Reps will like the new Mondeo well enough.

Seems like we get a new Mondeo every week on the front cover these days, l thought the Evos was back.

Look like the Scorpio is back in town this, what will the renderings be next week?

Use to love Fords when they produced them in the UK up until 2001 a decade ago, being a Euro Sceptic l am not a big fan of the Mondeo it's "Made in Belgium".

Mondeo exports much needed British jobs and our children's future to Belgium. Toyota's very understated Toyota Avensis is an excellent car thats produced in the UK in Derbyshire its reliability build quality is legendary.

Sorry l would not buy a Belguim made Mondeo, l already send enough money of to the EU in taxes every week.

Shaun34, Not sure that M + S will appreciate you exposing your hairy butt in their shop window still if you can do it all power to you. I like the design of the new Mondeo.

The image AE has produced is certainly highly appealing from the front and side but the rear looks too much like the current butt for my liking.
If the interior is as interesting as the exterior and they start making them in GB I could be persuaded to consider such a purchase.

This is a absolute nonsense.

Exclusive illustrations? I could get my son to draw a picture of a car and claim it to be an exclusive illustration.

How about some real news.

This is a absolute nonsense.

Exclusive illustrations? I could get my son to draw a picture of a car and claim it to be an exclusive illustration.

How about some real news.

Isn't it amazing that the Hyundai i40 already has the things the Mondeo is boasting. Also the forthcoming Veloster has the SYNC system whatever Hyundai are calling it. Used to be the other way round Ford first Hyundai catching up. Just wish Hyundai could put that little bit of fine tuning into their cars. Would be class leaders...But this Mondeo does look good..Again with the Hyundai Hexagonal grille.

It's called Blue Link..

It's called Blue Link..

Shades of Aston Martin.
Sadly, the main problem ford has is its name.
Fords have been pushing their prices up in the last few years to match premium brands
The new Hyundai should worry companys like Ford and Vauxhall.
Ignore them at your peril!

...and we all know how inaccurate they can be. Anyway, I'm sure Ford will equip most versions with wheels that are too small for the huge body just as they do on the current Mondeo. So it doesn't matter how good it looks as only the top-spec versions will have wheels that fill the arches and look well proportioned.

How does any car manufacturer enter unfamiliar territory? This is the question we should be asking and answering instead of pointing of what part looks like which car. On the road it will have its own reputation in terms of quality, looks, power, practicality and so on. I think back to the 1990's ford Meteo, Lazer ...the gimmick cars of Ford, where style was never priority, power was not a conern either. the now Ford has a company vision of producing better cars, reliable and expanding clientel. With the new Focus being Fords priority card to set a trend in the small car segment this is proof of better things to come.

Personally i like this new Mondeo and i have no doubt it will look fantastic and better than the cars its even compared with.

@ SirWiggum2 - You sir dont know how to compare anything with apples. You might aswell compare all grilles with any car.

@deviras - It looks like it but its NOT it and so? What's the problem? You getting a car with its own name that looks as good as an Aston martin at a fraction of the cost and you'll be dropping panties everywhere with it so how cool is that??

"based on insider information"

Insider: "Hi. The new Mondeo will look like a Mondeo with an Aston Martin grille"

AE Editor: "Cheers. Fred, knock up a Mondeo with an Aston Martin grille, will you?"

having said that, if it looks that good and the offer one with 4wd, I'll be first in line at the local Ford stealer.

Mondeo is a class act,, and i like that new look it looks balanced and nicely styled .. The grill has a bit of a Astom martin look, but it suits the car...Well done Ford a breath of fresh air among over rated so called bland prestige badges if the new mondeo looks that good it will sell

considering the current mondeo model being a fantastic car, can only assume the new model will be as good but probably better so dont think ford have anything to worry about, certainly not from vauxhall or hyunda,i and personally VW may be popular for company cars but doubt many people part with their own cash as highly overpriced for what you get.

Is Auto Express a branch of Ford Mo Co advertising department??

Bring this across the pond and put the 3.5 twin turbo from the Lincoln SUV & WOW what a machine a trip from Edmonton to Calgary (300klicks) in minutes providing no bears and a run to Vancouver through the mountains would be a dream.

@kevolution1 - Everyone else is comparing the grille to an Aston Martin but to me I can't get the image of an 80s BL Mini grille out of my head.

I gave up on Ford after the 1990 Orion. Ran by accountants.

Mondeo is "Made in Belgium". Invest in you Children's & Grandchildren's future.

Don't export British jobs, its bad enough being a part of the EU.

@SirWiggum2 - lol...point taken. It would be so interesting to see in 10 years time how and what a legend and iconic car the Focus St would be. These things Ford builds them to be classics of a current age. Exclude late 90's! I can't comment on the Mondeo as we don't get one down here in S.A. But i had a Focus & drove the ST i've never driven a car that handles better than that and its sad....or maybe it just proves how huge are the shoes to fill once you've driven these Ford cars.

@ ganthopoulos. Erm, I think youre bestowing an ilegitimate crown using the word 'journalist'. Are they really?? Where I came from, also a part of the Commonwealth, it was a 7 year cadetship to become a journalist. Look at the top of this article, and Luke is a Texter', if he wrote this text. The world is full of pretenders, mere reporters, hacks, motor-noters, but not many actual real journalists. Any want to stand up in AutoExpress??

All hail the new Flat 4 Vantage!

Thanks for the comment. You've not specified what you're objecting to but we employ a team of experienced and highly trained journalists - they review hundreds of cars and uncover hundreds of news stories every year.

Auto Express

@barina47 is right. How many of you are you highly trained to do this? Getting a racing license and beiing an inobjective journalist are two different things.

And while you are here how come the word revealed in the title? Totally misleading. Ford is the only one to reveal the new mondeo etc. All you guys do is inadequate collage between existing cars and show prototypes or spy photos. Anybody can do that most will do it better than you.

Look at the sales. Almost always in every country sales figures do not reflect what you usually choose to be top of the class or value cars.

Real users are the ones to use pay and judge cars, you are just people to get a first taste with somebody else's fuel and ownership. Hey if I did it I'd push the car to its limit. Wouldn't be my car in the first place! This does not reflect what real useage is.

Look at the tow car roundup. If it isn't a VW it is a skoda. An ugly medium built (and it is) skoda superb. Oh yeah and a volvo.

I mean come on being biased is one thing but this...



What dramatic new look? More like the new mundane-o.

What an utterly awful looking's not original Ford. Even Mazda won't share your engines any more let alone your styling!

What's wrong with you guys? This car looks awesome, way better than BM, MB, Audi or the likes. Mind you, I love my Insignia and I will envy this car if it comes out.

I love the look of the Mondeo, it's a great car and has done very very well over the years. unfortunately there are far too many snobs with nothing better to do. yes yes of course people will whine and moan cos it's a Ford and trying to be something it's not or trying to hard, people should buy Toyota, or people should buy BMW's and Audi's because Ford is cheap, blah blah blah whatever, crap just shut up! It's a photoshop mock up of inside information. So before you all blurt out a burst a blood vessel, just shut up!

Anyway this car kinda looks like the new Kia Optima coming out in Jan and that is going to be a good looking car.

Well done Blue Oval, good job

Hang on just reading some of the comments about this car produced in Belgium, now hopefully most people writing on here are old than me. Can I ask, did you ever own a Sierra? or even a Cosworth, because guess where they were built?

Also do you know where most R&D for Ford Europe get's done......In Blighty

Ford Focus mk2 developed in UK, Built in Russia
New KA mk2 developed in UK, Built in Poland with Fiat 500 as share same chassis

Also having a pop at Auto Express, if they didn't have any news or potential leads, they would be out of job, which would add to the strain with the UK, you lazy arses would be moaning cos AE haven't got any news or potential news. yes a mock up is a mock up but if you don't like it, don't comment! Jog on

OK it employs a few more people in the UK than any other EU country but still Ford sell a lot more cars in the UK than any other of the EU country's who primarily look after their own first... Ford should look after it's best customer a bit better and start building cars in the UK again in a new purpose built huge factory... COME ON FORD!
Great looking car ! UK designed

With reference to the post liverpool added, yes i agree about getting UK to build more cars. I know they waste time on the Transit only because its "the backbone of Britain" but so is the focus the fiesta etc etc.

Aston Martin wanna be.

This certainly looks a little more interesting on the eye than the current shape Mondeo, and indeed most the current German offerings, although there is a bit of Audi A5 in there, especially from the side view!!
I'm still driving a mk3 Mondy, albeit an ST220, as I just found the mk4 a bit bland and I wasn't about to become a sheep following the herb to buy a beemer....yawn!!
This will probably go the same route as previous'll be better value, better equipped and better to drive than the german lot, but the drop in value after a year or two will be horrific, unfortunately, in comparison!!

It will be interesting to see if the upcoming car does actually look anything at all like this, and, what will the interior look like??

Whatever the merits or otherwise of this vehicle it is time for a new name. Mondeo means "my deodorant" in colloquial French!

Presumably the Escort was renamed as the Focus because the places that sold them were being confused with another kind of agency.

I have owned three Mondeos since 2004. All factory ordered cars. Currently I have a MK4 2.0 TDCI Titanium X estate. It will be three years old this August and I am looking around to see what I might get. To be honest I would be quite happy with another one and I could easily wait for the new model.

But here in France Fords only have a two year warranty whereas the Hyundai i40 has a five year unlimited mileage guarantee. As a private buyer I have to consider the cost of ownership combined with peace of mind. The i40 has a more modern engine than the PSA derived Ford units and gives better fuel economy.

I have bought many Fords over the years and since 2000 have also owned two new Cougars and a new Galaxy. However unless Ford has the confidence in its products to offer a better warranty, I will be buying a Hyundai next.

Well, if the visuals are anything to go by, this car is a corker!

No doubt it will look different when produced which is a shame, as if this is a car for the mainstream public, well it will look fabulous on the roads even if produced by the million.

I really hope Ford actually produce something like this- the front and rear ends are sexy, and desirable! :)

I hope it does not require too much maintenance. Cares are not just about looks.

What happend to Land Rover ? I heard India's TATA bought that.

My Mk2's done 362,000 miles and never been apart - so if this one is half as good, it'll be great!

They've got two huge factories - one at Dagenham and one at Bridgend where they produce an astronomical number of petrol engines for all the cars sold in Germany, Spain, UK, France, Italy, Azerbaijan etc. don't they? Lots of British jobs, unlike vw, porsche, hyundai, bmw, mercedes, kia, audi, skoda, fiat etc...

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