Honda Civic Type R Mugen 200

15 Feb, 2010 5:37pm Jack Rix

Special edition model boasts bodykit and limited slip differential

Meet one of the most desirable hot hatches ever! This is the Civic Type R Mugen 200 – and as its name suggests, the new car will be limited to 200 examples.

On sale through Honda dealers in April it’s inspired by the 237bhp ultra-rare Civic Type R Mugen we drove back 
in September. Additional 
equipment includes a Mugen-designed bodykit, 19-inch ‘Lightning’ alloy wheels, Mugen badging on the bootlid and a dashboard plaque. 
As with the Championship White Type R it replaces, the Mugen will have white paint, gloss black mirrors and a 
limited-slip differential. Prices are yet to be confirmed.

The announcement of the Mugen 200 coincides with the launch of the firm’s British Touring Car Championship bid for 2010. Honda will campaign two Civics with a white-and-black colour scheme, similar to the special edition road car.

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With 2, NO chance of seeing out of the rear.

If Honda stays true to form, this Civic will only come alive above 5,000 rpm and feel pedestrian lower down the rev range.
The above correspondent is correct too, the rear visibility on the version with the extra spoiler will be even more compromised than the normal Type R.

It will take a lot more than this euro- market souped - up type r to get me excited about this car company again - bring back the proper hondas - crx, prelude, integra, S2000, NSX...........

What happened to the Mugen tuned engine. The Championship white version was a small step forward with the LSD but this is absolutely pointless without increasing the power. This a bit of short term PR and nothing else. A real shame as the Type-R badge has a few corkers in the back catalogue but I think this is a let down.

Or whether you can see out of the rear window, for that matter. It's about grinning like an idiot when you hit the sweet spot on an up-change and scream forwards at a seemlingly impossible rate for an NA engine.

I'll grant you, that in my 2005 CTR I can see traffic behind me with very little problems, so perhaps I'm speaking out of turn. But I will suggest that we should reserve judgement until this thing is road tested?

The standard Type-R and Type-R Champ Editions are already spectacular value for money when you look at the Ford and VW competition.( a basic Type-R being nearer the same price as a 1.4 Golf GT !)

My copy of Evo makes it fairly clear that the Champ White edition wipes the floor with the Scirroco, Golf and Focus ST round the track at Bedford Autodrome.

So what if the rear spoiler is not great for rear vision...Not really a major consideration! You have two large wing mirrors and parking sensors for the visionary challenged out there! ( I`m sure people whom drive sporting cars really put this as a main reason for buying a car...NOT!)

Thank goodness it looks different from a Golf...Possibly the dullest hatchback design going,and for people whom are scared of being "seen." (probably because they are so boring as people?)

Sporting cars are supposed to come-alive above a certain rev range...That is what makes fast cars exciting! Not dull rev-limited turbos with poor throttle responses...Keep em thanks!!!

just to let you know these cars are so cool when ya see them on the road, there is one in Forres Scotland :) Very rare to see one !!!!

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