Jaguar 4x4s on the way

17 Nov, 2011 10:50am Steve Fowler

Jaguar brand director says all-wheel drive XF and XJ are set for the green light, before rumoured SUV

The first four-wheel-drive Jaguars since the X-Type should get the green light in the coming months. However, the 4x4 system won’t yet feature in an SUV, it’ll debut on the XJ, XF and the XF Sportback estate that arrives next year.

With Jaguar struggling to make a real impact in the crucial US market, 4x4 versions of existing models are described as ‘critical’ by Jaguar’s global brand director Adrian Hallmark.

Speaking to Auto Express, Hallmark said: "We’d love to do a 4x4 XF and XJ, and a final decision will come soon. Four-wheel drive is a hygiene factor in the premium sector these days."

In the north-eastern ‘snow belt’ of the US, 70 per cent of premium car sales are 4x4s, with Audi taking a clear lead on rivals with the A6 and A8.

Of the many things on Jaguar’s ‘to do’ list, a 4x4 is seen as a higher priority than hybrid power. However, Jaguar’s saloons are all saddled with V8s in the US premium market, so smaller petrol, and possibly diesel, engines will also be offered in the near future.

Jaguar’s XF estate, likely to be badged Sportback, is due to go on sale next year after its debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

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About bloomin time too. started well with the X-type but failed miserably to carry over the four wheel drive to the 2.2 Diesel, could never fathom that one out. I would still be driving a Jaguar had they gon that route.

I don't get the all-wheel drive thing except in severely snowy or muddy places. Guess where the biggest market is for 4x4s. Southern California! I'm still trying to figure that one out. I guess it is obligatory for Jag to add the extra weight, cost, complexity, and inefficiency to satisfy the customer who we know is always right. I live 1 mile high on a mountain in Utah for 12 years and I don't even need snow tires. A few times I've had to walk a block home and wait 30 minutes for the truck to plow and salt the road. The wife's XJ goes just fine. I'd love a newer XJ that has LSD. With snow tires and some weight in the trunk it would be unstoppable. If AWD helps Jag succeed, they can knock themselves out over it.

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