Jaguar's new 3-Series

20 Jul, 2010 4:23pm

Replacement for X-Type confirmed, with hi-tech aluminium platform scheduled for whole range.

The baby Jaguar is back! Following our previous recent story, bosses at the British firm’s parent company, Tata, have confirmed that a BMW 3-Series rival – designed to sit below the XF and replace the X-Type – is already under development. And our exclusive pictures show how the compact newcomer could look.

The announcement came from Tata chief executive, Carl-Peter Forster. He admitted that for Jaguar to take on its German competitors globally, a smaller, higher sales volume saloon was a necessity, and so work has begun on the new car. Although the Ford Mondeo-based first-generation X-Type was hardly a sales success, a replacement is on the cards – thanks in part to the positive reception the RD6 concept received at the Frankfurt Motor Show seven years ago. In keeping with the XF and XJ, the next car will feature a cutting-edge design, but to separate itself from the larger models, there will be plenty of smooth curves instead of sharp creases.

As our images show, an interpretation of the XF’s rectangular mesh grille and swept-back headlights would give the front end the new Jaguar family look. At the back, more rounded edges to the boot, boomerang tail-lamps and pronounced curves over the wheelarches create a distinctive and muscular stance. Under the skin, the plot thickens, though. Our sources have revealed that Jaguar is working on an all-new aluminium rear-wheel-drive platform for the X-Type replacement, with the aim of making it the lightest, best-handling car in its class.

Such a massive undertaking would absorb a large chunk of Tata’s £1billion per year research and development budget for Jaguar/Land Rover, so to spread the costs, the modular platform will also be used on the next-generation XF, XK and an all-new sports. Bearing in mind that the big XJ already uses an aluminium chassis, this would mean the range would eventually be all aluminium, with significant benefits for fuel economy.

Also boosting the newcomer’s green credentials will be a pair of downsized four-cylinder engines – diesel and petrol turbo units, with the former replacing the Ford-sourced 2.2-litre oil-burner that’s currently fitted to the Freelander in Jaguar/Land Rover’s portfolio.

A range-topping 3.0-litre V6 turbodiesel could also be offered, as well as a hybrid version in 2015. This would pair the V6 diesel with a 35kW (47bhp) electric motor integrated into an eight-speed ZF automatic transmission.

When it appears in 2012, the 3-Series rival will be earmarked as Jaguar’s big-seller – but even without it, things are going well for the British brand. Latest sales figures show that it shifted 6,776 cars in June – 59 per cent more than in the same month last year.  

F-type coming too

From the BMW 3-Series and Porsche Boxster to the Audi A6 Avant, Jaguar has all of its rivals covered! As well as giving the exciting new X-Type the green light, Tata chief exec Forster has confirmed the F-Type will be built.

The new roadster – which we revealed in Issue 1,117 – is likely to be badged XE, and sit below the XK in the range. It will feature a fabric roof, cost around £50,000 and make its debut within the next 18 months.

Also in the pipeline is an estate version of the XF, due on sale next year, as well as a long-wheelbase version for the Chinese market.

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I am a big fan of jag .Hope fully it wil look like that when it goes into production.

I knew they would make one. they can't just throw in the towel and say we just make luxury sport saloons. sometimes i just hate these computer generated images, they just look like a Frankenstein bodge up of images put together when the real thing may not even remotely look like it. The longwheel base of the XF sounds good but i hope it don't eat into the sales of the SWB or LWB XJ. Nevertheless its making a come back and let's just hope the XJ starts winning awards like the XF has.

Hope it looks as good on the road. The old X Type had no presence and just looked like a sad little puppy and looked dated from day one. This design if as good on the road as on a pc will pull in plenty of buyers let's hope the underpinnings don't let it down. Would be nice to see some proper competition against BMW and Mercedes.

The X-type after 10 years was not good enought but I hope this small will be great.

I'm also glad they have decided to stay in this segment. Obviously in a minority but I really liked the original X-Type - but I also liked the XJ (from 1996) and earlier Series 3 XJ6. I now admit Jag were living in the past and the new gen models (XF, XJ and XK) are soooooo much better.
Great to hear it will be RWD too but 2012 intro may be a stretch target - good luck to them.

As the very proud owner of a 2010 XF I would just like to say if the new X is anything like our XF then BMV had better look out. Jaguar seem to have been listning to the people and giving them what they want and not what a designer thinks they want. Well done Jag

It's 100% much better than the old X-Type. My only problem will be what they're gonna call it when it goes into production. How would "Jaguar XD" sound?

@JPW2010: I can see where you're going with with the 'XD' model ident, but I reckon it'll more than likely be branded the 'XC' range. This'll leave 'XD' available should Jaguar decide to build a Crossover 4x4, then 'XA' and 'XB' will be available for even smaller Jag models, dare I say a luxury hatch variant...

I'm predicting that the XCR and XCDR will top the range with the possibility of an XCR/R to take on the BMW M3...

This car looks great, with a capital G....but for the front. The rear looks so taut and aggressive, so I hope the production version wisens up and follows the legacy of the XF/XJ.

just to clarify....i mean the headlamps - the grill and all are very nice.

Jag doesn't need this saloon. What happened to their individuality? If they need anything then its a push to buy premium and a 2 door coupe/sporting estate should be revealed instead giving buyers a versatile and lifestyle geared vehicle that sits outside the RR/Sport/Evoque design.

JUST AS LONG AS IT WILL BE REAR WHEEL DRIVE!!!!! ...................if it's not then it will not stand a chance

The rear reminds me a bit of the Fisker Karma, while the rear fender line just before and after the C-pillar reminds me a bit of the current Dodge Charger, though much better executed (the Charger overall is way too chunky and blocky for my taste). I like the front end too, even the headlights - a merging of modern and traditional looks.
I was all set to get a Fiat 500 Hybrid in 2012/2013, but maybe I should start saving for a V6 turbodiesel hybrid one of these instead! :)

May I just remind you that, this will not work, and there's just one big thing standing in it's, and the rest of Germany's and the rest of the worlds way of making any great effort in the mid-sized executive saloon market, and that's the BMW 3 Series. Audi can't top it, Mercedes can't top it, and I'm afraid that says it all. Jaguar do big cars; brilliantly, but I'm afraid as far as this car's concerned, TATA, don't bother, Jaguar don't need it.

Chortle, chortle... Matt, Matt, Matt... Have you not been watching how Jaguar have been stealing sales hand over fist from BMW with the XF? Why? Coz it's a better car with a sense of occaision, whilst the 5 series is a Plain Jane wrapper around what is admittedly a good car. However It isn't perfect and it's there for the taking, as is the 3 series.

Jaguar are probably the only manufacturer currently able to develop a vehicle that can go head to head with the Bee Em 3 series, and if my prediction turns out to be true, and they release a twin turbo V6, or mebe even manage to shoehorn their V8 into this vehicle, BMW had had better hold onto their hats...

Thats one nice looking baby-Exec!

Audi, BMW and Mercedes will be losing a few sales through this beauty...

Saab, Volvo and Lexus some equally big headaches!

Two neighbours:

One parks his new baby Jag, side by side with a "dull" series in the opposite driveway...

I think we know whom sleeps smugger that night!

I was (I'm sure in many people's eyes) silly or maybe wise enough to buy a new 3lt Sport back in 2002. I bought it as the thinking-mans scooby - 4-wheel drive without the blatant and attention-grabbing (of the wrong sort) looks and noise. It proved to be fast, comfortable, but sadly uneconomic, averaging only about 20mpg (UK) at best. It could be flung into corners faster than many BMWs and it would exit safely. Furthermore, nothing went wrong or fell off in the 6 years I had it. In the end though, it was too expensive to run and I sold it for about a fifth of what I paid for it. I knew when I bought it I could have bought a Boxter for the same money, but didn't like the looks - *urd springs to mind imho, even though the re-sale would have been so much better. Mondeo content was only about 15% despite what anyone says or thinks and if nothing else, I hope what I did helped pave the way for the future!

I am looking forward to trading in my 320d M Sport for this beauty. I still maintain that the X-Type 2.0 d Sport I had before the BMW is the best car I have ever had...I know, I'm no expert and I may be easily pleased, so before I get slated for saying it.......this is only my humble opinion!!

Judging from Jaguar's current streak, this car should look and drive great. I hope they have a Coupe version to go against the Germans and then Britain will finally beat Germany at it's own game.

Another fine design from Jag that will have the germans quaking in their boots when it comes out 2012

Looks good.
lets hope the quality of the interior plastics improve from the previous X type.
As a Kid i used to build Airfix kits with better plastics!

Looks Ok apart from the generic face that looks like a hundred other cars. A modern interpretation of the Mk2 Jag face would be much more distinctive.

Breaking News

Jaguar are to produce a car
It will look like a Jag
It will drive like a Jag
Here's a picture of a car that looks like a jag

People fawn over it - It's a cartoon mock up - Why?

A/E always try to scoop what a car might look like (See the Golf VII story and many others. Let's wait and see what it really looks like b4 we get excited.

Calm down everyone

To quote: "And our exclusive pictures show how the compact newcomer could look." - in other words these are what AE thinks it could look like and not pictures directly or indirectly supplied from Jaguar.
Unless they are, so why not put that? "And our exclusive pictures, from our source deep inside Jaguar's design department, shows how the newcomer is shaping up".
I think AE are creating the news now. all these people responding to a design that not even Jaguar have!

I agree AE are laughable with their latest scoop photo's. However, I think it will look something like this, but whatever Jaguar come up with will be far better.

As for the name I agree it will probably be called XC but we may know the answer to this in a year or so when Jaguar release sneak peaks and some genuine tech stuff. We'll just have to wait and see. What I do know is that Jaguar must do this to build on their volume to see them not just survive, but thrive too.

I always maintain Ford messed up the launch of the X Type- the Mondeo should have been based on the Jag, not vice versa. It would simply have been a case of launching the Jag first, the X type would then never had the stigma of being a Mondeo (which it wasn't Ford never made a 4x4 3ltr Mondeo) And the Mondeo would have sold even better being based on the X-type.

I owned a Steel Grey 3.0 Sport and loved it, the chassis set up and four wheel drive would out gun virtually any other saloon, should you wish it to. Sadly the fuel ecconomy was shocking. I hope this new one will do to the 3 series, what the XF has done to the 5 series

I have had 2 X-types and I would buy this as my next Jag. I wouldn't surprised if there isn't a lot of people who still follow the brand loyalty to Jaguar. For many of us the XF prices us out.

If this next Jaguar can look like that and be well engineered I'm sure it will beat the German trio. They may have beat us at football recently but we'd beat 'em at rugby, darts, criket and compact saloons.

Yes, it COULD look like this. Or maybe not. I don't believe the supposed 2012 launch date. By 2013-4, when/if Jaguar launch a car like this they'll probably have some new styling themes.

Jaguar really need to compete in this segment, however they need to not just make a scaled down XF, that will only steal sales from the F as people downsize, also down go offering massive discounts chasing corporate sales, this is whats killing the so called prestige brands Audi and BMW.

The 3 series and the A4 are now just seen as reps cars and nothing special, a Jaguar should remain slightly aloof and a car people aspire to own, not one that comes with the job and a jacket hanging in the back window.

There also needs to be full body and engine range, 4 door saloon for the A4 & 3 series, 5 door hatch for the A5, 3 series GT, estate and coupé. A powerful range of cutting edge 2 litre diesel and petrol engines in different states of tune.

Somehow I can see all of this happening even with the new investment, it will be another missed opportunity, the XF estate should already have been given a press release and unveiling, the clocks ticking.

This looks fabulous. I would be first in line to buy one if the production model looks like these photos.

This was good news. Thank you Jaguar for making a new X-type. I have owned an X-Type for almost 7 years, and I love it. Great car. BMW 3 serie and Audi A4 is great car, so its importnant that the new car is a "must have" car. It must be a little bit better that the others. The car must have back wheel drive, a great design, enough pace in the back seats. I think the pictures is great, but should it be a more coupe design like the XF? or will it then be to much "mini" XF?

Looks good, but please Jaguar, dont make all your cars look the same again. That will be your downfall.


Ouch! Go easy on the clutch Gearhunter XD

they should make a hatchback next to rival the a3 and 1 series

I have owned from new one of the first 3litre SE 4wd X Types. It has been one of the best jaguars I have owned especially on build quality and reliability. I live in real country where the roads are never salted when the snow comes. The 4wd capablity is brillant. Not only in the snow also over very soggy airfields where I glide from.
I do hope jaguar make a replacement in 4wd, If so I would order one without even seeing it. My daughter has a 3series BMW estate, this car has spent a night last winter on the M3 due to the snow. This was not a problem for my x type.

Jags are on the way up watch out Gerry, the Brit designs and ex commonwealth might are changing the automotive scene!
Long may it be!!! what a partnership.

xfs driver!

All the Jags do tend to look the same. But then again, so do all the Fords. Its the way a manufacturer lets the public identify their cars without needing to see the badge.

@sgtgrash..... RE:- Jaguar XCR / XCDR Twin Turbo V6 Petrol/Diesel

WHY ARE YOU EVEN MENTIONING THAT. iT'S JUST SILLY THOUGHTS IN YOUR SMALL BORED MIND. You really must get a life. I bet you read the Sun as well.

That is a bit harsh! We are all entitled to our opinions and ideas. I really do not know why people like you slate someone, make assumptions about what they read and how small their mind is (I think you will find the mind is an unmeasurable virtual space) and that the gentleman may be bored. That is a lot to assume! And yet, you can't be bothered to give us your opinion, why?

IF YOU WANT TO SHOUT THAT IS FINE, JUST NEVER START A SENTENCE WITH A LOWER CASE i, The Mirror readers do that all of the time. I making that bit up of course, I hate to assume!

A leading scientist announced today that people who make wild assumptions based on few or no facts tend to have lower IQ's... :p

Incidentally, I tend not to read newspapers if I can help it. I prefer my fiction to have a modicum of plot...

Actually FYM I think our friend may be panicking a bit. I'm not going to be too harsh on him for two reasons:

1: He probably won't get it, and...

2: With Jag's history of twin-turbo V6 power in both the S-Type and XF, he's probably terrified at the thought of an XCR/R swooping past his precious M3...

That's a very hot Jaguar! I really like the evolved design of the Jaguar and the size of the body is much larger compared to previous model. Great work from Jaguar!

Jags have never, and will never, hold their value compared to BMWs.
Because when you bought one under Ford, you knew underneath, it was a Ford.
And now you buy one under Jaguar, You know its a Tata.
No image.No style.No History.

the car looks pretty good, but i believe the current crop are very Ford if not Aston Martin inspired in styling. the interiors are such a departure that they don't look at like they are from the jaguar family at all. bmw have been successful because they have evolved their own style formula over decades (with the exception of the bangle design disaster period). they are now back on track, and i hope jaguar can retain some of their heritage in the styling to let us know it is a jaguar by breeding and not only a namesake .

"Jags have never, and will never, hold their value compared to BMWs.
Because when you bought one under Ford, you knew underneath, it was a Ford.
And now you buy one under Jaguar, You know its a Tata.
No image.No style.No History.

By toycollector on 30 September, 2010, 7:21pm"

Really? Let's see shall we?

"The first factory production D-Type (XKD-509) was sold at Bonhams auction for £2,201,500 in July 2008. The previous highest confirmed price was £1,706,000, set in 1999."

"Jaguar E-type (On its release Enzo Ferrari called it "The most beautiful car ever made"), 1961-1974, 3781-4235cc six cylinder and 5343cc V12, 265-272bhp, 136-150mph, £7000 (rough coupe) – £44,000 (perfect s1 roadster)"

I won't mention the XJ220 because even I'd have to admit it was far from perfect, but it still commands a similar sale price tag as it did upon it's release...

toycollector, it's time to discover some perspective methinks. Accuracy doesn't appear to be one of your stronger attributes...

Looks better than most of it's other rivals especially the BMW 3 series (ugly), Mercedes C-class (ugly) etc....Am afraid no maker has been able to match Giugiaro's masterpiece yet!

I have to admit , I have been waiting for Jaguar to put out a car like this since the XF was launched a few years. Hopefully when this is launched they will also produce an estate as well. Very keen on the saloon but for practical reasons an estate is the more logical option for myself.

The trio of German manufacturers do make excellent cars , however they are a little bit anonymous. As mentioned before in previous posts the Jaguar has a sense of occasion and this really sells it for me.

I cant understand all these bow to the ground bmw types degrading Jaguar ; funny , I don't seem to see to many of their namesakes that have been built in the last 60 years on the auctioneer blocks commanding six digit numbers ; or or even funnier , I don't even see them anywhere . Perhaps they're hiding in a bunker JA !

Good move, but please, please, please make sure its either rear wheel drive or all wheel drive.

Otherwise you're letting the team down, your country, your heritage and the queen to boot. :)

I've just read the new new article on the next......yes - hallelujah - small Jaguar, so what is this. Well this is a car in the works, now, so I guess the lastest article is no more than a beat-up???
Get amused with all the Jag-in-drag slurs thrown at the X-Type, it really being a 'Ford'. Hmm, show me ANY 4WD Mondeo, as most accutrately pointed out, so......umm, it couldnt be a ponced up Ford then!!!
And the bloke that thinks all Jaguars look/looked the same. Tell me there's no difference between a 7, 8, 9, and the MkIX, or the Mk2 and original S-Type, or the 420G and an XJ. Really!!
3 series cars are insulting!!! Well the coupes are anyway, for the totally obnoxious [and offensive] way BMW charge you for 4 seats, ONLY 2 of which you can use. The rear seats are useless unless your legs are made of matchsticks, or youre a midget, or you have ankle biters. And I digress :-(
This looks like a stunner, but I'd remind readers how Jaguar recently massively shat in its own [design] nest, bring the XF-C to market as the completely different XF. Hold a very deep breath this may survive, looking something like the pics, in reality.

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XD would be a confusing name, as people have always associated D with diesel, and Jag has no consecutive naming convention anyway. They should just continue to call it the X-type, just shorten it to XT.

Seriously nice ... X

I dont give a buggar then what the origins of the above pics are, who the 'author' was, what pc they fell out of..............BUILD IT!!! The car in these pics is a stunner!!! And yeah I saw a car go from stunningly beautiful, to stunningly un-beautiful. Try the C-XF to XF!! And some dork in their design department still thinks all new Jaguars now require a Leaper across the bootlid. Never in Jaguar's history have they ever had a Leaper on the rear of a car. Pah to history, traditional [design] cues, core values, hallmarks. Pricks, lol. Speaking of suitability of a car in this segment, whatever that means. In days of yore, Jaguar had the market both agog and sewn up, with what was then a luxury 4 seater [mid-sizer] sports saloon, and now, that car, falling more within our current 'small' class, was the famous MkII saloon.

Its sad that Jaguar are not interested in building the B99 concept; that really would be a car the competiton would be afraid of!

if Jag are serious about contending against BMW,Merc and Audi then they must do an estate option.The old X Type estate seemed to sell well so there is a market for an estate Jag.

I reckon the model will be a lot more successful this time around esp with a new name

This is what is needed. Offer it with company car-scheme friendly diesel engines, a halo model (XxR) and possibly a few variants. Estate would be nice, as would a coupe.

Not sure about expanding the marque further downwards though. The 1 series is vulgar, seen as a car for those desperate to have a propellor badge, and the A3/A1 are an expensive Golf/Polo.
Use the Rover name for smaller cars! (Yes, Tata owns the rights to Rover as part of the LandRover purchase).

very nice looking car, however, it has a look of the new mondeo that coming soon, what do you think?

and a 1 series rival BUT Jag they will never sell in real numbers unless servicing them is priced reasonably... £2000 pound to change a cluch on a Xtype

It Kills the residual value of the car unless it's hooked up to the engine with a bullet proof clutch! Hopefully the baby JAG will have rear wheel drive

no image. no style. no history,
nice troll!