Jaguar’s 3-Series rival gets the green light

13 Jul, 2010 5:54pm

Replacement for X-Type and new two-seat sportscar confirmed, along with XF estate.

Jaguar’s ambitious expansion plans have been given the go-ahead. Parent firm TATA Motors has green lit the firm’s plans to create a rival for the BMW 3-Series, which replaces the old X-Type, and the long-awaited F-Type small sports car.

The announcement came in an interview with TATA Motors CEO Carl-Peter Forster, who confirmed Auto Express’s previous story of Jaguar’s new model expansion plans.

Before the new models arrive, Jaguar will unveil estate and long-wheelbase versions of the XF. Jaguar claims that 60 per cent of its XF sales are conquests over rival brands, and the estate is designed increase the model’s appeal in Western Europe, while the stretched version is set to further improve sales in China.

It’s been a long time coming, but the two-seater sportscar will then arrive in 2012. Set to be called XE when it launches, the car is likely to be offered as a coupe and a roadster, and built on a new medium-sized lightweight aluminium platform.

The development of this new chassis will absorb much of TATA’s £1bn per year investment in Jaguar Land Rover. Auto Express understands that the platform will be shared with the next XK. But given Jaguar’s need to keep costs in check, it’s likely that the firm’s new underpinnings will be modular, and could be scaled up or down to underpin the new XE and XK, and the replacement for the X-Type and XF, which is currently made from steel.

Despite killing off the old X-Type, the trend towards downsizing has made a replacement even more likely. The firm has already demonstrated that its XF and XJ models can compete with the established contenders from BMW and Mercedes, so a smaller car to take on the top-selling 3-Series is a priority, inspired by the RD6 concept which debuted at Frankfurt seven years ago.

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let's hope it bears no resemblance to this picture of the concept think it was called rd6 saw it as a Jaguar event , mighty ugly and retro itn the styyle of old s mtype and old xj a modern design is required.

I agree, none of the attached pictures have aged well, they are far to retro and would not fit in with Jaguars new design direction.

They look awesome...

Well once I look at this artcile it good news. I will never want to be assemble in Chaina.

The existing model may have made Jaguar a shedload of money from reps looking for something a bit different, and old bankers who can no longer afford an XJ, but as a Jag it failed miserably.
The new car needs to exude the style, pace and grace the marque is cherished for.
I have to say that I really liked the RD-6 when it came out, because it bucked the trend for sharp edges and went for curvaceousness instead. Let's hope the new car is a trend-setter too.

Re Shaun34's comment about "Jaguar's new design direction". It was Ford's new design direction not Jaguar's. It was a direction intended to make Mondeos look more like the toffs on the forecourt. A sort of automotive dumbing down. It did Jag no favours even though the engineering under the skin was often good. The point is that this new car is a REAL Jag not an aspirant cousin of a Mondeo.

After the dull XF and awkward looking XJ, this is more like it.

It also has the corporate face that ALL the new Jaguars should have worn, instead of the 'just-like-a-load-of-other-cars' gaping grille that means you can't recognise an XF or XJ as a Jag in your mirror.

Yes please Jaguar.




the picture is circa 2003. auto express need to post relevant and unphotoshopped pictures. the car will not look like this as that would a total contradiction of ian callums current design direction it is more likely to have the front end of an XJ and the rear of an XF and a smaller size than the XF

About the 3-series, IMHO Jaguar is taking a serious business step. I personally would have preferred the new style grille and some new XJ-interior influence. Speaking about interior design, again IMHO the FX dashboard is quite posh. This dashboard maybe would have passed some 5-10 years ago, or on the early Koren market. The FX inside doesn't add up to the dynamic outside.

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