Jaguar XF Sportbrake

24 Nov, 2011 12:31pm Sam Hardy

New Jaguar XF Sportbrake estate begins testing finally giving Jaguar a rival to the Audi A6 Avant

These are the first pictures of the new Jaguar XF estate – which will be badged the Sportbrake. The new, more practical XF has started testing near Jaguar's base in Coventry. 

Finally giving Jaguar a rival to the Audi A6 Avant, BMW 5 Series Touring and the Mercedes E Class estate, the XF Sportbrake will go on sale towards the end of 2012. We can expect to see official pictures of the car early next year ahead of its debut at the Geneva Motor Show. 

Although this protoype wears some disguise, the rear end of the Sportbrake will be stylish and sleek with a coupe-style C-pillar giving the design some drama. The rear lights will be inspired by the LED units from the XF saloon. 
The rest of the car is standard Jaguar XF, but in the back expect the usual array of estate car-style split/fold rear seats, and possibly even a twin-height boot floor. 

As the name suggests, the XF is not designed to be a huge estate car like the Mercedes E-Class Estate, which has 695 litres with the rear seats up and 1,950 litres with them folded. Instead, the XF Sportbrake is likely to approach the Audi A6 Avant (565/1,680) and the BMW 5 Series Touring (560/1,670). 

Engines will be carried over from the current XF with the range kicking off with a 2.2-litre diesel, along with V6 diesel and V8 petrols. A high performance R version has not yet been confirmed, however, given its more practical focus, the Sportbrake is expected to be the first XF to get four-wheel drive – following on from plans revealed last week

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Looks good, at last Jaguar are pushing the XF into other markets, next will be the XFC and XFCC

Although it looks uncannily like a cross between the Mondeo and Avensis estates...

Probably the first time I've seen a pre-production car actually seeking attention by getting you to follow it on twitter?

I like jaguars but estate? Reminds of a failed skoda.

I wish jaguar would return to traditional english luxury motifs. I mean jaguars of now seem to have nothing on jaguars of the past as far as style and luxury and worse, many report not the best ride quality. Performance seem always to be off compared to more cutting edge rivals...What is left to these cars?

About time too.

Giorikas81, you clearly haven't been in an xf. They are head and shoulders above bmw and mercedes when it comes to interior design -about as cutting edge as you can get. Ride quality is excellent too, as are the engines. There is a reason why they keep winning awards! As for the old designs...retro clearly wasn't working, the flopped x type proved that well enough. Jaguar are making some fabulous cars these days and long may it continue.

...that will redefine the class. Jaguar will be able to compete against the E-Class Estate, 5 Series Touring and A6 Avant. A masterstroke that is long overdue. If they get the rear end right, they will certainly sell!


I have to agree with 99% of your post, but to imply that the X-Type was a failure? They are everywhere! I know some out there consider them a Mondeo in a pretty frock, but I have both and I can tell you that the Jag estate knocks the Ford off the map!

However.. I need a new car and we have to have estates to get our goods in, so I eagerly await the arrival of the XF Sportbrake. If it is up to scratch, we will buy a couple to try them out.

BTW (all).. I also have a 5 Series Touring and the XF will have to lift its skirts and run a bit faster to catch up! As good as it is, it still can't match BMW for economy and emissions. Yes, I know all about the "awards" but I have no truck with an industry that either awards itself or where journalists would rather award a British built car than one from another country.

I know - marketing. Estates are something that middle-england, middle-class, middle-management, middle-aged people have to transport their mid-school family about in,

Aspiring, forward thinking, fashionable people drive 'Touring', 'Sportbrake' or 'Avant' cars. Woe betide you actually call it an estate!

SPORTBRAKE!!!, Jaguar please "Give us a Sportbrake", another cheapskate attempt at cornering a slot in an already "Over crowded " Market.
It's an Ugly Estate and will follow the rest of the line up with poor RV and economy too boot.

If it's around 30k for the 4x4 2.2 diesel, it'll eat into JLR's other sales.

This looks nice,and will sell. I have had BMW tourings in the past great cars but awful ride on ride flat tyres. The XF Jaguar is a sublime drive in comparison.

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