Scooped! New Jaguar XK

19 Jan, 2011 4:10pm Tom Phillips

Jaguar’s XK Coupe to get a bold new look for 2012. All-new model arrives in 2014.

Despite being treated to some styling tweaks and some very impressive engines, Jaguar is still tweaking the XK, planning to give it one last facelift in 2012, before an all-new model arrives late in 2014.

This prototype is based on the current 5.0-litre supercharged V8 XKR, but features a new front-end treatment, including a redesigned bumper with extra cooling vents along its top edge. The new car also features full LEDs in its redesigned light clusters.

At the back, it’s the same story, with a new rear bumper and diffuser, and the addition of a modestly-proportioned rear wing. The XK will also benefit from new trim materials in the cabin.

The engine line-up is set to include the current 5.0-litre naturally aspirated and supercharged V8s, but could be joined by 3.0-litre V6 petrol and diesel units if Jaguar decides that’s what its customers want. The addition of an eight-speed gearbox to boost efficiency is also a possibility. 

Performance fans will also be pleased to know that the final XK facelift will also spawn a special edition XKR-R high performance model, based on the XKR but offering a more hardcore drive thanks to an upgraded supercharger for the 5.0-litre V8, bigger brakes and the latest version of the firm’s adaptive dampers.

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They've already facelifted it once, but why a second time? I can understand the Toyota RAV4 having 2 facelifts, and also the XF having just the 1. more tacky graphics for the XKR-R. And a less pedestrian dash for the next model (too expensive to change until then I guess).

As Usual following BMW again ( 8 Speed GearBox)

@ john550i

As Usual BMW following Lexus again ( 8 Speed GearBox). BMW didn't invent it you know!

i reckon the XK can only get better looking. i guess it's just little tweaks before they end the sale of XK's. to be honest as a massive jag fan, i am not sure of that spoiler at the back, i just hope its just a gimmick. i guess a V6 diesel with 300bhp+ will get included, that should head up the sales more north.

I loved the subtle updates for 2010 and please continue in that direction for more power and with a better dash. Just beef up the front hood and nose and get aggressive like the Gran Tourismo. The rear spoiler WILL NOT CUT IT IN THE USA.
It looks like a mid 90's Toyota Celica from the back..
XK owners don't drift (even if the XKR is the world's best drifting car)...Will it come next with metallic lime and flames.
Don't screw around with understated elegance!

That spoiler is exactly that; spoiling understated elegance! and looks like a spoiler I had on a 97 MR2! Not required on this very beautiful car

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