All-new Kia Rio shows its face

11 Feb, 2011 7:00am Nick Gibbs

Hatchback gets brand new look, better quality interior and ultra-efficient engines

The Kia economy drive starts here! The new Rio will officially return up to 88mpg when it arrives in September, making it the most economical car on sale in the UK.

The all-new car was unveiled last night in Geneva by Kia’s European bosses, who are aiming to quadruple sales compared to the previous car.

The Skoda Fabia rival wears a fresh new look that includes trademark bow-tie grille on the front and a rounded profile to the back that recalls the current Seat Leon.

Interior quality has been boosted, most noticeably on the dash. This now includes a start/stop button for models with the optional smart-key entry and an innovative update on the rocker switch that makes operating heater controls easier on the move.

The new car is roomier too, thanks to a longer overall length than the class-average at four metres. Boot space is exactly the same as the Renault Clio at 288 litres.

We’re promised a high-spec count for the UK, with Bluetooth handsfree, USB stereo connectors, a heated steering wheel and LED driving lights all available.

Four engines have been confirmed for the new Rio, including a 1.1-litre three-cylinder diesel unit which produces 69bhp and emits just 85g/km of CO2 with Kia’s new start/stop technology. That equates to 88mpg on the combined cycle and beats even the Smart diesel for economy.

A bigger 1.4-litre diesel delivers 94g/km of CO2 with the stop/start tech, and there are two petrol engines: a 1.25-litre and a 1.4. A one-litre three cylinder turbo petrol will join the line-up in 2012.

The five-door comes first, followed by a three-door variant in 2012.  Prices are expected to start from £10,500 for the smaller petrol.

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...despite looking very little like the sporty concept (as we all expected!). Still not bad though.
Shame there's no mention of the current 1.5 Diesel making it to the new model - its a very good engine in the current model.
As with the Sportage, I hope Kia don't introduce a large price hike for the new model - I fear the days when you could say "it's a great car for the money" are soon to disappear. The price they charge for the Sportage means that it has to be every bit as good as the best of the competition and not just play the value card.

and that's not a bad thing!

Yes not as sport as the concept. The Sportage is still the best looking Kia. This isn't bad at all. Will wait for the 3dr.

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I really think that KIA is becoming what SEAT should have been

I quite like this new Rio. Even if it's on a Hyundai i20 platform, I think it looks a lot better than it.

At the usual KIA price point and with the excellent warranty deal...

A very smart purchase...And If the engines are sweet plus if the handling is at least competent, (doesnt have to be class leading at that price!) then the RIO could remove an awful lot of customers out of the traditional small euro boxes...

Lets hope that manufacturers like KIA can help drive down new car prices overall in this country, as they have got to ridiculous money wanted recently!

No mention of the 1.7 ltr 150 bhp yet - that could get me interested as I miss my Fabia VRS. They did comment that they wanted to take over where the Fabia left off. It will need to be driver focussed though - take note KIA

With the excellent warranty this is going to be a winner, I will be giving this car a serious thought when I come to change

Kia are like Peugeot.
They produce one design that looks ok, and then do it to death.
OK, the grill is nice.....move on!!

Watch out world....Kia are coming!

'Kia are like Peugeot.
They produce one design that looks ok, and then do it to death.
OK, the grill is nice.....move on!!'

Funny how no one complains when BMW or Audi uses the same grille on their cars!

As for the Rio, I think Kia have a winner on their hands. They're certainly a brand worth looking at.

Great car Kia. Why would anyone buy the ugly Fiesta when they can get a better spec'd, better built, and longer warranty, with this great looking car. The fuel economy is terrific too.The style both internally and externally show what can be done when designers live in the real world. BRILLIANT

" I hope Kia don't introduce a large price hike"????
Current starting price - £8500.
New starting price - £10500.
Is that big enough for you ? I make it 23.5%. And that puts it smack in the competition's price ranges. Nothing cheap about Kia any more.

Kia design is on the up at the moment, but so are their prices. I believe they should still be playing the value card as they don't yet have the image to rival mainstream manufacturers.

I agree with the previous comment completely!

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