Land Rover DC100 concepts

Land Rover DC100
15 Sep, 2011 10:52am

Third DC100-based concept is simple van, aimed at explorers and adventurers alike

“Vehicle capability will be at the core of the appeal of the new Land Rover DC100, when it goes on sale in 2015” Land Rover boss John Edwards has told Auto Express at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

The vehicle, which Edwards says is targeting a price of “around £20 to £25,000” must be accessible financially too.



“While our Range Rover family is about luxury, and the strength of its image, the Defender family, and we do plan a family of vehicles, will be much more about function.”

To underline the claim, the firm showed off this commercial version of the DC100 at the event.

“Will the Red Cross be interested in buying a Range Rover?” said Edwards of the DC100 commercial concept car “I don’t think so, but I do believe we need to make sure the DC100 is relevant to them.”

Pricing the DC100 aggressively could also deliver an extra opportunity for Land Rover.
“The SUV market is growing rapidly, and there is a whole segment of cars, in the under £20,000 segment that we don’t touch. This has got to be an opportunity for us.”

Design director Gerry McGovern agreed. “At its core, the DC100 must be about capability, but cars like the Range Rover Evoque prove that design can also lead. The design must be in harmony with function.”

Powered by a four-cylinder petrol engine, which Auto Express expects will be developed in partnership with Tata, the DC100 also gets a new platform, and advanced off road technologies, including a new active terrain response system.

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With all the talk about the DC100/Defender's capability and function coupled with new drivetrains and technologies such as terrain response, let us hope Land Rover are wise enough to leave a gap in the range for a back-to-basics, minimum electronics, reliability-above-all-else model to service effectively the needs of the fastest growing markets in the world: 3rd world countries.

The only reason Land Cruiser/Toyota remain a competitor to Land Rover is because when you're operating in the worst places in the world Land Rover's are to unreliable and complicated to service... Come on Land Rover, Tata ownership should show you the potential of a true back-to-basics model for India, Africa and South America!

Defender has huge potential in that form, like the Evoque will probably need a new factory to cope with demand and the build quality needed .. looking at the 2 concepts..I am impressed.

Long as it pulls a float, with 2 up, should be a hit in rural England...