Electric Land Rover Defender

9 May, 2011 3:24pm Jack Rix

Old-school engineering meets a future-proof powertrain in one-off concept.

Meet Land Rover's latest game-changer! This is the Defender Safari EV concept - a one-off prototype developed by Land Rover South Africa and set to debut at Indaba 2011, one of Africa's largest tourism events, which will be held in Durban from 7 to 10 May.

Jointly engineered by Land Rover Specialists Barker Performance Products and Land Rover's own engineers, the concept ditches the usual diesel engine and replaces it with lithium-ion batteries powering a 80bhp electric motor with 330Nm of torque.

On a single charge a range of 63 miles is possible, up to speeds of 37mph. That's enough for eight hours of safari driving - or three times an average trip. And of course it retains a four-wheel drive transmission, so it's every bit as rugged as a conventional Land Rover.


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this could be good no more storing gallons of fuel and with solar power plants the recharge would be free if it was easy and quick to exchange the batteries. I assume it has a motor in each wheel to give 4 x 4 capabilities so should also be lighter. My only concern is the weatherproofing of the electrics if it had to traverse a river.
Damm good idea though.

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