Evoque prices revealed

5 Apr, 2011 12:03pm Ben Foulds

Land Rover announces official UK Prices for the Evoque - with prices starting at £27,955 for the 2WD diesel

We’ve seen it, we’ve driven it – and now we can tell you how much it’ll cost! Land Rover has released the pricing list for the Range Rover Evoque, and the big news is that you can buy one from just £27,955.

That will get you the entry-level 5-door eD4 2WD model in ‘Pure’ spec with the 6-speed manual, while the 4WD option commands a £750 premium. However if you want the flagship Evoque coupe, equipped with a 240bhp 2.0-litre turbo and auto 'box then it’ll set you back a Porsche Boxster rivalling £44,320.

Personalisation is the key to the Evoque’s appeal  - so there’s plenty of scope for creating a bespoke feel. Land Rover offers three ‘design themes’ Pure, Prestige and Dynamic, which will act as a starting point – possible enhancements include 12 exterior colours, three treatments for the roof, seven different alloy wheels and 16 interior schemes.

Even entry level buyers are unlikely to feel short-changed though - as ‘Pure’ Evoques come equipped with 18-inch alloys, heated leather seats, a touch screen display, climate control, Bluetooth and two USB ports. Hill Launch Assist and Hill Descent Control are standard too – although the latter is only available on 4WD models.

Sportier ‘Dynamic’ models feature deeper body sills and bumpers, black highlights on the mirrors, grille and side fender blades, as well as 20-inch Sparkle Silver alloys. Inside, there are aluminium covers for the pedals, a metal finish to the centre console and a leather-covered steering wheel and gearknob. Land Rover’s Adaptive Dynamics system including MagnaRide damper control is also standard on the Dynamic, and can be specified as an option on Prestige SD4 models.

The Evoque goes on sale in 4WD guise in September this year, with 2WD models following in spring 2012, and there's a £1,000 premium if you opt for the stylish coupe over the more practical five-door.

Read our exclusive first drive here…

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The base model looks tempting at 29k, nice spec, full 4wd etc and I expect it will be in short supply and have high residuals.
However, 2 main concerns about buying one. First with a family it looks simply too small. Second, I expect it will quickly be deemed a women's car and a hairdresser's car, and as a 40 year old male you would have to put up with a lot of jibes.

Those are your concerns???
No wonder governments continue to take us for a ride!
1. Loads of familys drive around in Focus's, Golfs even four door
Mazda2's and Yaris's- the former are similar size whilst the latter two are most definitely in the class/size below.
2. Soon as I hear people talking about hairdressers cars then its
almost time for them to step out of the closet. You either like something or you don't.
The Evoque looks like a fantastic package- plain and simple. So don't let the fellas down the pub or the boys club tell you otherwise or I reckon you'll be needing a joint effort with the closet!! ; ]

I know a few hairdressers and I don't think that they would want to drive around in something so ugly!

As I said, nice car, but I guarantee it will soon be classified as the hairdressers car, like it or not. Unfortunately this is just the way it is and it will be seen as a feminine car. It is even marketed as such. Unfortunate, but it would make me wary of buying.

I don't necessarily agree with wakey, BUT what do YOU think when you see a 30+ yr old man driving say, an Audi TT????

I think the TT is a nice car, but would never buy one because I'm 40+ and think that I'd look really silly in such a car.

I drive an E320 diesel - which has 205BHP and easily returns 45mpg - without trying!

Having never tried, I'm sure this big Merc will sit right up teh backside of a TT in a 1:1 test (but that probably makes me in the closet being so close to another mans bum????) hehe

I say to the Evoque has already evoked some dialogue and I think it looks GREAT..... I think I would buy one, but would need to see it in the flesh.

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