Lotus Evora S undisguised pics

18 Aug, 2010 4:33pm

First pictures of range-topping Evora S undergoing tests at the Nürburgring.

The new range-topping Evora S has been spied testing in Germany ahead of its debut in Paris. The S comes with a supercharger fitted to its mid-mounted 3.5-litre V6. The blower is located between the two banks of cylinders to ensure that unlike in the Exige S, rear visibility won't be a problem.

The exterior design will be almost unchanged over the standard version. Look closer and you'll notice the more pronounced, larger rear diffuser which gives a clue towards the extra power on tap.

Most of the mechanical underpinnings, including the brakes and suspension, will be shared with the base car, but the addition of a supercharger should push power to 350bhp, and increase torque to 407Nm.
That’s a 74bhp increase over the naturally-aspirated model, and the power boost should mean that the Evora S will be able to reach 60mph in under five seconds, and go on to achieve a top speed of over 175mph.   

The Evora S was caught during a three day handling test at Germany’s Nürburgring circuit, with its official public unveiling scheduled for the Paris Motor Show in September, alongside an automatic version developed primarily for the U.S. market.

Both will go on sale immediately after the show, and although prices have yet to be announced, expect it to cost around £62,000.  

Also sharing the British brand’s 10,000sq ft stand will be three other new models, including the brand new Esprit, a new hybrid two-door GT, and a new Seven, all as part of a push to revive the marque.



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finally got the power it dissevers.

... But can't help thinking that the rear looks a little lame. Something the Aptera has, would do nicely.

... But can't help thinking that the rear looks a little lame. Something the Aptera has, would do nicely.

I want to like the Evora, I really do, but there's something missing. I just can't put my finger on it. Maybe it's because it's not quite as flash as it should be, especially compared to the leaked (?) images of the next Esprit. Maybe, even with it's new supercharger, it just doesn't have the kind of power it really deserves. In truth, when you see an Evora on the road, you tend to think, "hmmm, that's nice...", when you should be thinking, "WOW, I want one of those now!!!"

sgtgrash, I agree with you. Lotus used to be makers of WOW cars, now they are,' Yep, looks nice, but there's better looking cars I would like.' Shame really. However, 'when' they get the Esprit out, we'll all be saying, 'Now your'e talking baby!' Or maybe a bit more subdued, but you know what I mean.
I'll have my Esprit in Anthracite with gold wheels.

Firstly, i agree with most of the above, the Evora is just a little fussy in places. and whats with the little name badge on the rear bumper, looks like an afterthought!

secondly, red just doesn't do this car justice, maybe white or silver or even electric blue. lotus please leave red for ferrari.

Yes looks ok and sounds like it's got the power to make use of Lotus's excellent chassis technology and expertise but, it just doesn't excite me; I look at it and think nice looking Lotus.

I think they need to give the car a deeper front grill, big front air pods either side with LED's. Totally redesign the rear ducts and doors with a dramatic swage line running along the car. And lose the slightly weedy looking exhausts.

Sadly this will not a be a massive seller at £62k without the exciting looks to match the performance, to me it's a sub £30k looking car. Shame as like everyone else I really want to like it

They should make a stripped out, gt3 rival

Fair enough chaps but c'mon. Comments above or not wrong but they are misplaced.. if Lotus kept trying to make exotics then it woudl have died and quick.. from all the tests I've seen the Evora is a genuine pracical sports car you can live with and use and old Mike Kimbereley should be proud of the line-up he's created.. and not since the 90s can you get anything remotely like this for 30k.. [reality check].

If any of you are in the 60k market and own Porsches or similar fare then fair enough but you can't design these cars to make folks with hot hatches happy.. you also can't build cars to be aspirational, you have to build cars to sell.. this creates a nice price differential with the base car, the Esprit will be north of 80k so plenty of space for a hardcore variant later on.. all you need to do is add hybird.

This is a real world sportscar and we need to get behind it. As a design I think the Evora is dam good and few cars in similiar territory look anywhere as good. I think folks have to realise it's not a supercar and as a result sits up way taller and also more practical, which has a bearing on some of the angles.

Bear also in mind Lotus will build lots of variants and the range still has Elise, Exige, Europa, 2Eleven - you want a sub-30k Lotus then buy the 1.6 Elise.

Good effort I say!
Esprit owner.

This Car just doesn't look £60,000 worth, it just looks too crude, like a Kit Car or TVR! Sorry, but that's my honest opinion! (Probably great to drive though!)

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