Maserati Kubang revealed

13 Sep, 2011 3:14pm Sam Hardy

Second bite at the cherry for Italian firm sees Jeep-based SUV wow crowds at Frankfurt

Maserati has launched a new SUV at the Frankfurt Motor Show called the Kubang.

Set to go on sale next year, the new model mixes the Italian firm's trademark gaping mouth front end and sporty rear haunches with an SUV body. 

The Kubang shares the same name as a 2003 Detroit Motor Show concept car – but this model is set to go into production. It uses a platform from the Jeep Grand Cherokee – both firms are owned by Fiat – and the new SUV will take on the Porsche Cayenne and Range Rover Sport next year.

However, while its chassis and suspension will be sourced from within the Fiat Group, the engines will be developed in Italy, and although there are no details, expect power for the £100,000 SUV to come from a development of the GranTurismo's 4.7-litre V8. It will also get an eight-speed automatic gearbox. 

According to the firm, a "New-generation hi-tech Maserati engines will be designed in Modena by Paolo Martinelli – Head of the Maserati Powertrain Department and for nearly 30 years at Ferrari, where he also served as engine chief of the Formula One racing team – and will be produced in Maranello by Ferrari". 

What's more, performance settings such as suspension, brakes and steering will all be exclusively developed in Modena. Maserati confidently claims the new Kubang will offer "uplifting driving pleasure and a luxury atmosphere".

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Is this the right webiste? This is turning into a comedy this it?

"Uplifting driving pleasure and a luxury atmosphere", mmm, Yeaahs!

There will be a need to get people who want to get in it, to do that!

I don't want to be pedantic but is that nose really the final design for the production car? I just can't help thinking that there is no way that design will pass a pedestrian impact test - not unless you want your crash victim in sliced bread format. I would compliment them on resolving the design a little bit better than Porsche on the Cayenne. Should be interesting to see how Lagonda or Bentley get their design right!

Why does every manfacturer have to build a bl**dy SUV?!!! OK, the obvious answer is there must be a market, but it really does make a mockery of an iconic sports car brand like Maserati. I'd rather have a Biturbo and I don't want one of those either!

Just No - it is wrong on so many levels.

there is a sudden need for every manufacturer to drop their root heritage that made them stand out and come out with a stupid SUV. Jag recently said they will look into one too and seriously there is no need!! Bentley will soon try their hand at one and its rather pathetic. there is a much bigger market to explore than this SUV rubbish. i do wonder who comes out with this rubbish or is it the consumers they survey

Ive not seen one positive thing said about this car yet so ill be the first. Lets be honest, cars aint about beauty anymore and its not even about how they drive. Its just a money making business like any other. If maserati want to survive then this car makes sense like it did for porsche and will let maserati build there go-faster beauties. I like the car i think its very much in the vein of an audi q5/7 - those rear lights are asking for a copy cat lawsuit! - and i like the shape of it. if they get the interior right, which they seemingly havent done with any of their cars to date, then id consider one.

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