Maybach shrinks

13 Oct, 2006 1:00am Richard Yarrow

Maybach suggest a baby model after Rolls-Royce announcement

German giant Maybach has revealed  it's looking at ways to develop a new 'baby' model - only a week after arch-rival Rolls-Royce announced work has started on a small car of its own.

Auto Express reported last week on how Rolls was planning a 'little' luxury limo "within the next four years", and May­bach has been quick to get in on the act, too.

The luxury brand is keen to show it can expand its portfolio after est­ablishing itself in the top-of-the-range league. And the move would also help bosses find new ways to sell more cars.

The news came from Dieter Zetsche, chairman of the board of management for Maybach's parent company Daimler­Chrysler. And he revealed his biggest headache could be over which badge to put on the baby's bonnet and boot!

Dr Zetsche told Auto Express: "Obvi­ously, there is some space between the price range of the current Maybach and the top Mercedes. We are looking into that, and if there's a chance of filling it we have to decide if we want to.

"We also have to make a decision over whether we want to do it with a bigger Mercedes or a smaller Maybach. However, we feel under no pressure to make that decision soon." Mercedes' most expensive car is the S600 limo, priced at £102,000, while the cheapest Maybach, the 57, rolls out of the showrooms for more than twice that, tipping the scales at £257,000.

Rolls-Royce's plans could include creating a range of smaller cars if its new model is a hit. That's something Maybach would be watching with interest.

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