Maybach facing axe

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15 Mar, 2010 12:22pm Tom Philips

Luxury firm to be wound down as owner Mercedes takes S-Class upmarket

It looks as if Mercedes’ luxury super-brand, Maybach, is to be confined to the history books.

The firm plans to launch mildly facelifted versions of its three-model line-up – with new grilles and LED lights likely to be the only changes – before the marque is allowed to slip away.

Bosses have now privately admitted plans to wind down the brand – resurrected in 2002 – due to disappointing sales. The Maybach decision is part of Mercedes’ wider plans to take the next-generation S-Class upmarket.

The new S is set to arrive in 2014, and promises to be one of the most hi-tech models ever built. Mercedes top brass have already signed off features such as the futuristic Human Machine Interface, which debuted in the F800 Style concept unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show.

The car’s interior controls are operated from a large monitor. However, this doesn’t require physical contact – instead, you run your fingers in front of a pad on the centre console. A camera then films your movements, which are translated into actions on the screen, allowing owners to open applications and zoom into maps simply by gesturing, rather than touching.

Mercedes’ recently appointed design chief, Gorden Wagener, is in the process of refining the car’s styling alongside the replacement for the R-Class crossover. As the S-Class is moved upmarket, the new R-Class will be relaunched to appeal more to chauffeurs and family buyers.

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About time too.
Maybach may have world-class luxury but it lacks any spark whatsoever.
A Mercedes on steriods.
Have a Rolls Royce instead. That has the luxury but has the spark of heritage as well.
And also the Aston Martin Rapide and Maserati Quattroporte are just as luxurious but one third the price!!

From the inside (rear seats) there is nothing to touch a doubt the outside lets it down, and the Phantom stuck the knife in, but for the ultimate way of being transported by road it is untouchable...
Lucasworld- although I have only sat in the back of Car Show Rapide and 4door Maser, they simply dont compare.

From the inside (rear seats) there is nothing to touch a doubt the outside lets it down, and the Phantom stuck the knife in, but for the ultimate way of being transported by road it is untouchable...
Lucasworld- although I have only sat in the back of Car Show Rapide and 4door Maser, they simply dont compare.

Too bad this is happening.
Maybach have world-class luxury packed in elegant timeless shapes. A Mercedes on steroids!
Rolls Royce on the other hand is still the car for the nouveau riche. For the popstars and soccerplayers who want to show the world that they're rich and can spend a fortune on a car that looks like a brick house on a trailer. Just look at that front end that's designed by two seperate designers who worked totally unaware from one another.
As a CEO of a large and successful company you can't show your face in a Rolls Royce: you'de loose your credebility.
Let the Rollers please remain on the island they're build on and the rest of the world enjoy real class Maybach style.

The Maybach may well have been the bees knees BUT it looked like a giant errrr Lexus? from the outside.

Can you imagine being a Oligrch sitting the back of your brand new MayB with your latest super model girlfind, clothed from head to foot in Italy’s finest only to see the peasants outside peering at it and saying err I think it’s a Lexus?

You average peasant has no idea what a Maybach is let alone how much the damn thing costs!

The fact is the super rich WANT recognition, they like the idea of us peasants knowing exactly how much a Roller or top of the range Merc costs, That way your Oligarch can sit back with the satisfaction of knowing all those looking at his new motor will be suitably impressed!

After all how many footy stars ever chose a MayB!

In 1959, Mercedes Benz almost owned BMW as they were almost bankrupt. Some very quick negotiations with the bankers prevented it within a matter of hours, so the story goes. What really saved BMW was the highly successful 700 series introduced later that year. After that, BMW went from strength to strength with one successful model after another. The biggest shock to Mercedes came in 1987 when BMW introduced a 12-cylinder engine and caught them totally off guard. Since that time, Mercedes Benz has more or less be playing 'catch up' with BMW. Mercedes Benz's problem with the Maybach is, since its inception, there has only been one body style in two wheelbases. Rolls Royce in the Phantom series alone has a four door sedan, convertible, and a two door hardtop which broadens its appeal a lot more than a Maybach would. Instead of adding differrent body styles to the range, Mercedes Benz has only admitted defeat by discontinuing the Maybach; and letting BMW become the reigning champion of Germany's three luxury car makers.

God bless to all of our friend around the globe that falling in love to the s class styling that to be use at producing of dearest maybach for the basic, a. from the begining as a proposal, we are so scared that the manufacturer sole an alternative vehicle in an category high leveling price by an s to be modified, for the example, get a doctor to the public and say this is a graded lawyer b.after we are looking at the video of well known dear celine dion kisses her young daughter and goes to the job for singing, she is use maybach and we are in our mind eager to buy an s300 from 2006 for the similarities of basic design especially on the design of front fender and windshield that so aristocratic, c.after we are reading at the obove mentioned, we are remember that our friend named scimilar has been write to comment for the progress from the producer of s class that are being prepare to modify the shortage of the car series that had been so legendary,for the example CL series will be change to ... , ups we are so sad and our eyes been watered, because 1.since the design of the new e class goes to the public, the elegance of three pointed star as we can see on the CE 320 W124 series was gone, the salesman in our country was angry for this, he say the sale was success, we meant to it, because the rich people do not often very interest to the design, but only the name e class 2.the philosophy of CLS series oo, be patient please, the story was too short because of the design of the eyes ups, headlamps 3.ought will be closed, maybach we always remind to you. Mind you, dear auto express reader, e class design is okay, but for the bumper and headlamps, that is not an e category, for the example the bumper and the headlamps of the new c class, nice to be, shake hand please.

It is a shame to see it go. I would have liked to see a better attempt than a stretched out expensive S Class. The Rolls looks superb and elegant. I remember when they unwrapped this car - I thought what a waste and to think it is a S Class with a new interior and stretched out, but costing almost 7x more!!
It would have been nice to see a true Maybach that warrants the price tag

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