Mazda shows off Shinari concept

30 Aug, 2010 8:29pm Tom Phillips

Shinari previews Mazda’s sleek new Kodo design language.

Meet Mazda’s future. This is the Shinari concept, which made its public debut at the Paris Motor Show. The stylish four-door coupe previews the look of the next generation of Mazdas and ushers in a new design language.

Called Kodo, which translates from Japanese as ‘soul of motion’, the new look has been created by Mazda’s new design chief Ikuo Maeda.

At the front, the Shinari concept features the familiar Mazda prominent wheelarches and angular front grille. But the newcomer also gets a dramatic bumper, Audi-style intricate headlights and Aston Martin-aping grille in the front wing.

A pair of creases add flair to the car’s side, which looks a lot like the current Jaguar XF, while at the rear, there are shades of BMW’s Concept CS.

On the inside, the concept features a driver-oriented cockpit made of a high-class mixture of materials, including leather and aluminium.

The car that the Shinari previews is likely to be the next Mazda6. However, the concept’s look will influence the entire next generation of Mazda cars.

The number of obvious high-class influences on the design show-off Mazda’s desire to become more of a premium brand, and much like a Japanese Alfa Romeo, offering great handling cars that look the part too.

The new design language replaces Mazda’s previous Nagare, or ‘flow’ look that dictated the design of the Mazda5, which has drawn criticism for its looks.

Nagare was created by Mazda’s former design chief Laurens van der Acker, who left the firm for Renault earlier this year. Van der Acker will show off the DeZir concept at Paris as his new vision for the French brand.

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Anyone for a Japanese XJ?

have just seen more images of this over at and I like what i see

mrg001, Cheers for extra pics. An mx-5 with this design language would look truly brilliant, I doubt any could call that a "hairdressers car".

Actually quite nice - apart from the gaping snout. I think the current Mazda range are about the best looking cars around. A shame they have just ruined the next 5 though. The current one is a lovely design.

mrg001 - yeh thanks a lot for the extra pics. I have a Mazda 6 - which by the way is a head turner, the amount of people asking about the car, and even the German's admiring it! If this is the direction they are going, I am defo sticking with Mazda! Super Super Super.

in its design line. Thanks Mr Maeda for the confirmation.

This is what the new Jags could have looked like, except for the hand of God, sorry Ford, intervening. Sleek, positive, cooly masculine. Needs a lift just ahead of the windscreen, looks as if it might have snapped. But great!

The imposing C/D-segment sized
Shinari’s exterior, which measures almost
1.9 metres wide, was created by talented
36-year-old Korean Yong Wook Cho, a
former Hyundai-Kia designer.

This looks very smart. Mazda know how to build very attractive cars. Their current range is one of the coolest around, and going from personal experience Mazdas drive very well too!

LOL, before I read other comments I immediate thought it was a squashed, stretch Jag! Bet its going to be fantastic if it sees the light of day.

This is a beautiful design, but for Gods sake Mazda lose the grill. I imagine all dentists will be familiar with that gape...

So many cars in this from Maserati and Aston to BMW and Jaguar - funny thing is, they've actually taken the best of each brands design language and forged a great looking car!

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