New Mazda Kiyora

3 Oct, 2008 9:39am Chris Thorp

Mazda's city car gets Paris debut as top selling MX-5 gets fresh look!

Small cars are big news at this year’s Paris Motor Show. Mazda already has one of the best superminis on the market in its stable, but it’s already looking to the future with a brand new city car concept.

As the covers were pulled off the Kiyora concept, bosses described how it could bring lower emissions, greater fuel economy and a more environmentally friendly package to the city car market. While it’s still a design study, the show star reveals several key ideas for future Mazda models. With everything from a photovoltaic solar roof to power the cabin to a water cleansing system for making rain water fit to drink, the concept is one of the firm’s most futuristic ever.

Designers at Mazda were also proudly displaying their revised MX-5. Along with revised suspension and steering settings the roadster gets a fresh new look inspired by the RX-8 coupe. Expect it to go on sale in the UK next summer.

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