Mazda’s RX-7 to return

20 Nov, 2009 3:07pm

RX-8 replacement will revive legendary name and use next-generation rotary engine

It's the Mazda that’s guaranteed to send rivals into a spin! These illustrations are the best yet of the forthcoming RX-7– an all-new two-seater sports car, complete with a turbocharged rotary engine.

Although this model will be a natural successor to the RX-8, the logical RX-9 badge is to be shunned in favour of RX-7 – evoking memories of the rear-wheel-drive Mazda produced in various forms between 1978 and 2002.

Reports from Japan have revealed that new design chief Ikua Maeda has already sketched plans for the next RX-7, and is said to be pushing the three-door model to the firm’s board of directors. Mazda has chosen to use the light and compact Renesis 16X Wankel engine – the same unit as fitted to 2007’s Taiki concept car.

With an equivalent capacity of 1.6 litres to improve torque, and the addition of a turbocharger to boost power beyond 300bhp, the RX-7 will be much more sporty than the RX-8.

By sticking with a rotary engine, Mazda will ensure the model can be adapted to run on hydrogen in future. Plus, it would retain the RX-8’s appeal as the only rotary-engined car in production.

Rumours that an RX-7 concept could debut at October’s Tokyo Motor Show came to nothing; it may not appear until next year’s event. A production model would then follow early in 2011.

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Woah! That looks fantastic! I have never been completely convinced by rotary engines but if the end result looked like this when it rolls off the production like I would be willing to give it a second chance!

Honestly I hated the RX-8 with it's silly half rear doors and the 'I want to be a family car' interior, so I would love to see the return of the RX-7 in it's proper guise. If Mazda can make the rotary motor run on hydrogen in the future as well this will surely be a winner!

Looks fantastic, but the front / grille needs a bit more work before going into production.

The rotary engine isn't that refined to be used in a road car, returning less than 30 mpg. Lets hope the new version improves this significantly.........

The first & early Mazda RX7 were 4 seaters why this time a 2 seater. It would be good with 4 seaters. In Australia Mazda was the first Japanese car to compete Europe with Porches old 944 which powered with a 4 or 6 cyclinder the Lotus which had 4 cyclinder. I think this time it challenge Lexus & Infini against European Brands.

Nobody would buy one if they dropped rotary engine.

You are a bit slow,
the 16X has been put on the back-burner, this was announce by a Mazda chief 7-8 weeks ago!, because the 16X fails to meet the new Fuel Economy Standards Mazda is implementing across ALL it's fleet, 30% less fuel to be exact, plus they have not perfected the DI (Direct Injection) for the 16X..
The way the world is going, I seriously doubt we will see ANY successor to the RX-8..unless Hydrogen becomes mainstream, BMW, Honda and Mazda are the only makers that are going down that path.

I own the latest 09 RX-8 (R3) and it is a Fabulous car, superb handling, ride and performance, the RENESIS II is superbly smooth and has plenty of power.
It is unique, with Mass appeal, I have Never driven a car that gets SO many looks of admiration..becasue it is see people stare and look back-wards as you pass them, Does you car do that to people in the street???
Do yourself a do not know what you are missing...
The ROTARY is what makes the RX-8..
Yes the last RD RX-7 has 50 more HP, and was a great car too, but when you compare the two of them the RX-8 is by far the easiest to actually "live" with...

The best solution = keep both available !!! When Mazda will launch the RX-7 with the Renesis II engine ( 1.6 liter, turbo ), this could be great. 2 doors sports car, a more powerful engine with the possibility of bringing back an RX-7 convertible in the future. However, the RX-8 is a great, fantastic and a very more practical car with its freestyle doors and 4 seats. Please, Mazda keep both of them alive...please, please !!!

Thanks Mazda for hearing us!
The RX-7 is coming back!
2 seats is good enough.
Finally a car that will rival the new Nissan 370Z.
It not only looks good and if the new rotary is as good as they claim, it sets to be a winner.
Please Mazda, don't bring 4 seats as the RX-8 was never a real 4-seater, it was like a 2.5 seater. Those rear seats were better as storage than seats.
The looks on this new car is a winner.
Looks like that Z3M Coupe and that looked awesome!
Bring it Back!!

Sure the RX-8 is a nice car, but it is simply too slow with zero torque. I had the privelege of being up close with the last RX-7, the twin turbo and that car was special. They should keep the RX-8 as the poser that it is and go and do the RX-7 for those who look at the 370z and other two seaters. Make it a statement car for Mazda as it was but please turbocharge the rotary. Torque is where it is at.

"Torqueless wonder ", do you know what you are talking about?, same lap time on TG as the 350Z and M3 of the time.
Yes, it needs winding up like ANY rotary, you will never see a turbo again (emissions and reliability), the 09 has a higher diff.
The 09 is the RENESIS II 1.3 with a Totally New and Far better Metering Oil System for Apex seal lubrication and uses LESS engine oil than the Series I RX-8, the Series II RX-8 has over 80 mechanical improvements over the first Series.
And the new 09 engine IS NOT Interchangeable.
IF the 16X makes production it will be RENESIS III...IF

Get rid of the rotary, Mazda, the CO2 emissions are terrible! There's nothing intrinsic about a rotary that makes it more suitable for hydrogen fuel than a piton engine.

ugly front

This sounds fabulous, can´t wait to lay my hands on a new Rx-7. The pictures look promising and the real thing will for sure be even better. I really miss the rotary since I sould my Rx-7 several years ago for a family-carrier. Now that I can afford both, the Rx-7 will be the thing for me. There is really nothing, and I mean nothing, like a rotary!! And JMDonald - the rotary is for sure superior for hydrogen compared to piston - why would Mazda else use it for hydrogen? They have piston engines too you know.

I applaud Mazda for its steadfast support of the Rotary Engine. Ever since Mazda began using Rotary Engines in the Cosmos in the late 1960s, they have consistently refined and developed the technology to improve reliability, fuel consumption and power output to a point where the RX8 can be produced and purchased for a very competitive price. The RX8 is a unique car with some endearing attributes. It's motor is smooth and free revving and Mazda have designed the rest of the car to make the most of this. However, Rotary Engines do have some disadvantages compared to traditional internal combustion engines with similar power output: They produce higher emissions over all, and tend to exhibit less torque unless fitted with a turbo. There are a few myths associated with Rotary engines. They have been accused of being unreliable, inefficient and uneconomic over the years. This might have been true for early incarnations of engines dating back to the late 1960s, early 1970s, but it certainly isn't true of Mazdas latest Renesis motors. There are far fewer moving parts in a Rotary Engine so consequently there is far less to go wrong. For example, if a piston ring shatters in a traditional reciprocating motor, it is guaranteed to cause major damage, usually followed by catastrophic failure and engine seizure. If a rotor seal fails in a Rotary Engine it will continue to operate for a short time at reduced power and is highly unlikely to seize, thus saving a fortune on maintenance costs and parts. So, to summarize, If you choose to buy a new or used late model Mazda RX7 or 8 , you are can rest easy knowing you have bought a unique sports car that will tickle your bits if you drive it with enthusiasm and won't let you down...

Is it me or in the tail can I see a bit of Bangle-Era BMW? Especially with that bootlid, it looks like it's bee taken straight off the 5 and 6-series...

Alfa Brera Concept anyone? And not the first Mazda to take inspiration from the Alfa range......

This is very sexy. And the rotary engine is a big bonus. Now the shocking part - the price? Hope it is affordable by the many and not the few!