Mercedes B-Class spied

4 May, 2010 11:41am

Next-generation B-Class caught testing.

The B-Class is gearing up for it’s biggest change so far and these exclusive spies give us the best hint yet of what the newcomer will look like.

Dressed all in black, Mercedes has tried its hardest to disguise the next-generation of B-Class, but these close-up shots of an early-stage test mule show that development of the newcomer is under way.

When it debuted back in 2005, the original version was more of a crossover vehicle, with its supermini and MPV roots, but the new B-Class looks like it will be moving closer to the classic hatchback design. As a result it will now be going head-to-head with cars like the VW Golf, and Audi A3.

The pictures also show that the new B-Class will be getting a lower profile and sportier appearance. It looks like Mercedes will be aiming the new B-class at a younger audience than the current car in an attempt to sell a larger volume.

So far nothing has been confirmed about the range of engines available, but expect an updated mix of petrol and diesel units similar to the current line-up but with the addition of a hybrid version. There is even talk that a fuel-cell variant may be on offer at some stage in the future.

Expect the new B-Class to make it’s debut at next year’s Geneva Motor Show before hitting showrooms by the autumn.

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I always wondered why Mercedes chose not to target the sub C Class model towards the hatch buyer, instead opting for the rather gorky box type mpv cross-over. With the hatch Market being well occupied by models that actually excite the hatch buyer such as the Golf, A3 and 1 series, the B Class would make the perfect Merc hatch... Unfortunately that high roof line indicates it will be as fuddy duddy as before...

If these were spyshots of the new A3, Golf or 1 series i'm guessing I wouldn't be the only person to comment here... Take heed MB!

Well done Mercedes, keeping spending more R&D on cars that don't sell.

B class, totally pointless, creating niche models that are unnecessary, making a problem then selling a solution to the few dumb half wits out there who would part with £19k+ for one.

R class - another example of MB's effort in creating something that does not sell.

I own the current B200 turbo model and think its a pretty great car. Shorter than a Ford Focus and more room in the back than a Mercedes S class.
Big rear boot as well and the turbo model is pretty quick as well and looks good with the AMG alloys.

There are a few problems though. Road noise with the low-pro wheels, fuel economy could be better and a few problems such as the rear washer drips on the boot solonoid and causes it to fail and it tells me the brake lights have failed when they haven't.

If MB can sort those issues then it will be another great car. Better handling would also be good.

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