First undisguised Mercedes CLS pictures

Mercedes CLS uncovered.
26 May, 2010 1:11pm

Our spies finally unveil the first pictures of the new four-door coupé without any camouflage.

This is the stylish new face of the CLS! Yesterday we brought you a sneak preview of the eagerly anticipated next generation of the popular four-door Mercedes during an official photoshoot and almost all of the production ready car was on display.

However, some of the distinctive new styling details at the front end were concealed with black masking tape, but now we can reveal the new nose of the CLS in all its glory. Although the person crouched in front conviently covers the silver arrow badge, the rest of the redesign is clear to see.

New LED running lights feature prominently along the front bumper, and are also intergrated into the headlight clusters, in a horizontal 'C' shape that echoes the indicators on the door mirrors.

The bigger grille has been simplified to feature a single chrome bar, and the lower air-intake is in a trapezoid shape to match the new exhausts pipes. and fit with the headlights that  closely resemble the rest of the range, giving the CLs a 'family' look.

Arriving at the Paris motor show in September, more details and offical pictures will be coming soon.


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Best looking car in the world..... It looks amazing

I couldn't agree with you more, waelboshi.

It looks a lot better than the current model, and it almost looks like the new E-Class - super elegant.

Beautiful piece of machinery. What about an AMG model?

Wauw... It is just looking so fine.. Very elegant.

I'm a BMW-guy, but Mercedes have on there last 3-4 models made some extremely nice designs...

Looks good and better than the current model.

At least it doesn't look like a Frankfurt taxi, unlike the E-class

...the guy crouching down in front of the car does a fairly good job of disguising it?!

I like the current CLS - the most striking car in the range. I do not think that this overly-stylised model, complete with tacky LED running lights, is in the same league.

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