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58-reg Petrol, Owner for 1 to 3 years

This is the best car i own. i have just ordered the face lift model aswell, which looks slightly better. the comfort is emense and and i only have the 3.5 V6, but the acceleration is mindblowing when i put mu foot to the floor. the COMMAND system is very simple to use. i also have a bmw 7 series wich is quite a bad car compared to this. my new C class estate elegance is just about as good as my flagship bmw. the mercedes has much more space and is more confortable.

i have many cars, and this is just one car in my collection. cars only go into the collection if i think the car is overall fantastic. many of my friends think my choce of cars is odd, but fastest isn't always the best.

Performance: 5/5 Braking: 5/5 Handling: 5/5
2003-reg Diesel, Owner for more than 5 years

My car gets a 10,000 miles service,every 10,000 miles. Rear tyres were out at 12,000 miles.diesal prices in the north of scotland are horrendus,should move to london.

Performance: 5/5 Braking: 5/5 Handling: 5/5
04-reg , Owner for 3 to 5 years

It is an absolute dream!

Performance: 5/5 Braking: 5/5 Handling: 5/5