MG returns!

23 Nov, 2009 5:10pm Clive Goldthorp

New Brit-built MG 6 marks a revival for the UK motor industry

MG Motor UK Limited announced that the first all-new model to wear the MG badge for 14 years will be launched today at the Guangzhou Auto Show in China, and according to SAIC’s President, it will be built in the UK.

MG UK says this new MG has been designed and engineered in the UK for sale in a wide range of international markets and that the launch marks “the start of one of the most exciting periods in the 85 year history of the iconic MG brand.” The marque’s global expansion will commence in China which has now become the world’s largest automotive market.

MG UK’s announcement seemingly provides official confirmation the launch of the MG 6 but gives no indication of when, if any, further details will be released to the UK-based Automotive Industry media.

However, AROnline’s sources at MG UK in Longbridge have told us to expect more information about the new model just as soon as they can prepare an English-language version of the data released in China.

Also, confirming UK production, SAIC’s President Chen Hong told Reuters: ‘SAIC plans to begin producing the MG6 in the UK by the end of 2010.’

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Nice car, but why did they choose to paint it in Austin Allegro "harvest gold"? I'll eat my foot if this car ever get's produced at Longbridge, but if it does, I hope they do an automatic so I can then drive one. Not sure about the quality of the first batch of UK cars though, seeing as the large car production line and paint shop has been sat idling for 5 years...Come on MGUK we have waited long enough for some real news, tell us when this car will be made here and do us a favour, let's have some pics of it in a colour anyone would even consider buying

Looks like a Proton with an MG badge on it. Cheap and nasty. Was quite looking forward to seeing the car, but this is terrible.

This is 2009 - why the awful photo distortions - MG 6 looks better than these!

Your memory is VERY bad if you think this is harvest gold. Sush concern about the colour - is James a girls name too?

I was very lucky to see the exciting secret new cars coming from the MGR and SAIC tie up. The cars were stunning, aggresive yet elegant saloons with LED lights and flared arches. We also had a 4x4 (a Black ReXton 4x4 with MG grill bumpers lights and badges, it actually looked fantastic) Agree with above this looks like a cheap old proton. What a let down

You can stick a Jaguar badge on a Kia, but it don't make it a Jaguar!

What a good effort by the Chinese!
It looks fantastic and looks like a winner, except ONE thing.
The Engine.
Previous MG's were good cars but the engine was a rubbish thing.
Power was dismal and economy was not there.
Take the engine back to the drawing board and redesign it be powerful and efficient.
The styling looks like that that four-door coupe of the Golf.

forget style and engine,


Who can tell how good it looks? The pictures are so badly distorted, it's impossible to judge. The overall impression though is of an un-appealing, non-European, generic Korean/Malaysian styled car. Very disappointing indeed.

i think the 2004 model ZS was a much better looking car than this new MG6. looks like a cheap car from the photos, which is a shame.

the K series was a great engine with a poor head gasket design which caused most of the problems. the 1.4 non cat engine put out 105 BHP in the early 90's which was more than some 1.6's. and fuel ecomomy while not great is on par with other engines of the era. Lotus and Caterham did'nt use the engine for nothing!

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