MG trio steals the show!

4 Jan, 2011 11:33am Richard Yarrow

Budget baby heads reborn Brit firm’s Guangzhou stars, MG3 joined on stands by MG6 saloon and hot hatch

A new era for British car maker MG has begun on the other side of the world! 

The production version of the eagerly anticipated MG3 compact hatch has debuted at China’s Guangzhou Motor Show. And it was joined on the stand by two versions of the new MG6: the saloon and a race-themed five-door, which hints at future performance models for the UK. 

The MG3 will hit showrooms there in March, starting at less than £6,000. And while that price will rise when it arrives in the UK in 2012, the five-door will significantly undercut existing value models such as the Suzuki Swift.

The attractive styling is not in doubt; it draws heavily on the MG Zero concept seen at last May’s Beijing Motor Show. But sources from the exhibition told us that the car trailed more established rivals with its build quality – although bosses have assured us that versions for the UK would aim to on improve that. 

Show vehicles featured MINI-style decals and graphics – one wall-mounted car even featured a Union Jack roof. Only one engine choice has been confirmed so far for the MG3: a 1.5-litre petrol unit delivering 109bhp. However, a turbo version is in the pipeline, along with a 67bhp 1.3-litre petrol powerplant. 

The MG6 goes on sale here in March, in hatchback guise, with the saloon on display at Guangzhou following later in the year. The performance five-door was finished in white with red and blue racing stripes, and hints at a sporty flagship.

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Sorry can't see how these designs can be show stealing..unless you mean show the stealing of ideas from other manufacturers.
Rover diluted the MG brand when they were clutching at straws trying to come up with a winner by badging the 25, 45 and 75's with an MG variant...should stick to sporty little British built numbers

Contrary to your thoughts the new MG's are a breath of fresh air and they do look good, i have been in the MG6 and came away well impressed, the old MG's (ZR,ZS, ZT) were also brilliant cars, i owned the ZS and was truly impressed with it, i would have had another if the company were around instead of what i have now, an X-Type and a XF

They are definetly no worse looking than any BMW, Audi, VW out there at the min but they arent exactly going to set the styling world on fire.

Re: Megamix I dont know if your just too young to know but MG have always lent there badge to normal road cars, the Maestro, the Montego etc.

its great value if this report is to believed,people who were considering buying a Kia Picanto or something else cheap will now have the option of buying an MG,lets hope the warranty and reliabilty is as good.The new MG models are not offensive on the eye but they wont stand out in a car park,the designs are very safe,but at least they are new cars unlike the last MG's which were well beyond their sell by date.The MG Brand is just that a Brand,MG have not been an independant manufacturer since the 30's,since then its been owned by many companies,that have put the badge on their warm cars to hint at a sporting pedigree.British Leyland must have been the Darkest days in MG ownership when the badge adorned junk like metro,maestro,montego etc.When BMW owned the brand it adorned better cars like the Rover 75.The Chinese company dont have a great deal to worry about if they dont sell well here then i am sure the chinese will buy into the romantic notion of some british sporting pedigree and heritage.If any of the MG cars are to built in the UK then that would be great as jobs are in short supply,if they are to be built in China then what if anything is left of the MG Brand?

a car is there to transport me and anyone who i wont to give a ride too

Sorry Megamix. If you mean by 'stealing of ideas by other manufacturers' you mean BMW's MINI, then look into the history. It was conceved and largely designed by Rover engineers before that set of German hatchet men bought the company. Remember, they wanted to enter the small car market without diluting their marque, and caught wind of Rover Group's plans for a new small car. Contrary to popular opinion at the time, they wern't interested in the 4x4 technology of Land Rover as they have never been any good at it anyhow.
So remember. If it bears a resemlance to the MINI because it has been put on a wall with a union flag on the roof, it's probably because the same design team that brought the (now fake) MINI is bringing you the MG3.
Personally, I wish the new MG Motor the very best of luck and having driven the MG6, I am ordering one.

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