MINI confirms diesel hot hatch

31 Jan, 2011 2:08pm Jon Morgan

MINI Cooper SD will get 141bhp - covering the 0-62mph spring in 8.1 seconds and yet returning impressive 66mpg fuel economy figures

Hot hatch performance and 66mpg – that’s what MINI’s first diesel pocket rocket promises.

The new Cooper SD will be available as a hatch, Clubman, Countryman and Convertible. Our main picture shows it in special-edition Clubman Hampton guise, but all variants will be powered by a 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbodiesel delivering 141bhp. 

That’s 31bhp more than the current top-spec diesel, the Cooper D. Torque output also increases from 270Nm to 305Nm. As a result, the Cooper SD hatch covers 0-62mph in 8.1 seconds – the same as VW’s Golf GTD. It claims 65.7mpg economy and emits 114g/km of CO2, meaning £30-a-year road tax.

A six-speed manual box is standard, with buyers able to specify a six-speed auto, which will also be offered on the Cooper D. Prices have yet to be revealed, but the Cooper SD is expected to start at around £18,000 for the three-door at launch in the spring.

The Clubman Hampton arrives at the same time, and comes in Cooper S and Cooper D trims, too. It gets Reef Blue metallic paint, a leather sports steering wheel and foglamps.

Bosses have also announced a John Cooper Works Tuning Kit for manual Cooper S cars made since last March. This hikes power by 16bhp to 184bhp, and adds a sportier exhaust note, plus 18-inch alloys.

A new John Cooper Works pack is offered as a factory-fit option on new versions of the hatch and Convertible, too. It doesn’t boost power, but brings a bodykit and upgraded traction control. Prices for both JCW upgrades have yet to be revealed.

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Come on Skoda listen to your customers and launch the 170bhp-6 speed manual Fabia vRSD.Then we can really see what a breathed on 'Hot Diesel Hatch is all about!!

...with keithmorris6. I've always liked the Mini but its going to cost almost 19 grand plus options and all for 'only' the 141 BHP BMW diesel lump. It's also very impractical so can only be viewed as a toy. I'd also like to see if those claimed economy figures hold after real testing.
If Skoda do relent and bring out a Fabia VRSD, I know where my money would be going.

Some of us do not have the money to waste on petrol to run them in the UK. Wonder how long it will take to realise?

Please bring this Mini to the USA. The price of fuel is escalating and we need fuel efficient cars. I will order one just as soon as they are available. Bob

Please bring this Mini to the USA. The price of fuel is escalating and we need fuel efficient cars. I will order one just as soon as they are available. Bob

This post is really about an economical diesel not sporty petrols.

Recently let my Mk 1 Fabia VRS go (mistake) luckily I have a 911 to tool around in but miss 'Rhoda' a lot. Tried the new one - not bad, quick and pointy but, oh my, the fuel consumption! -not good. The 140 bhp donk in the Ibiza FR would do quite nicely but needs to be nearer 14.5 K than the Ibiza's 17K+. Totally agree with gavsmit and keithmorris6. Come on Skoda, you know it makes sense.

when the mini diesel first came out i was suprised how little power the diesel option was the mini diesel is up there with the golf,civic, astra etc ,but the big advantage with this one is the weight meaning can keep up with the best of the them but 65 mpg and £30 road tax has to be a plus for a car this qiuck.okay it might not be cheap but as a long term buy it has to be worth the money.imagine it chipped!!!

Would I buy a car called a Hampton......... No!

You would think that the people involved in finding new names would do a little research or just ask around what Hampton means in rhyming slang. It's not exactly unknown repartee.