1200bhp Venom GT unveiled

29 Mar, 2010 4:32pm Mark Rainford

Lotus Elise-based supercar boasts a Veyron-beating top speed

Meet the Hennessey Venom GT, a supercar that’s set to teach the Veyron a thing or 262 about speed when it's revealed at the New York Motor Show this week.

Based on a stretched and strengthened Lotus Elise chassis, the Venom is powered by the supercharged 6.2-litre LS9 V8 from the Corvette ZR1. There are three states of tune to choose from, depending on just how intense you want the driving experience to be.

In base form it produces 715bhp, whilst a more powerful twin-turbocharged mid-range version produces 986bhp. But it’s the top-of-the-range model that will grab the headlines. Its engine is fettled to produce 1,183bhp, which means the car is capable of completing the 0-60 mph sprint in less than three seconds before heading to a top speed of 262mph.

The car weighs in at just over a tonne and is brought to a stop by 15-inch ceramic brakes. A six-speed Ricardo gearbox feeds the power to the road with a programmable traction control system helping to keep the car away from hedges.

Because the Elise chassis is too small for the V8 engine it is heavily modified at a Silverstone-based facility before being mated to the engine at the Hennessey Performance factory in Texas. Despite prices starting at £400,000, four of the ten Venoms due to be made this year have been sold already. Buyers get a day's driving course thrown in.

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