Nissan’s quirky Townpod concept

9 Sep, 2010 1:13pm Tom Phillips

Townpod mixes passenger car and van to create “genre busting” urban vehicle.

Meet the star of Nissan’s Paris Motor Show stand. It’s called the Townpod, and has been designed to offer drivers plenty of options to customise the car to his or her exact needs by using proprietary and third-party sourced accessories.

Nissan's Exploratory and Advance Planning Department boss François Bancon said “Only they [buyers] know what is essential for their lives, so it is logical that they should be the ones who determine the ultimate specification of their cars. For them an off-the-shelf solution is not enough and the best-equipped people to tailor-make their cars are themselves."

The Townpod uses the same electric underpinnings as the Leaf and features a white, van-like body that Nissan describes as “stylish utility.” There are split rear doors to ease loading, and the design also incorporates a hatch above the rear load area to allow you to transport tall objects. The rear doors are hinged at the back to aid access.

On the inside, the concept features a low, flat floor for convenience and a swooping, bright yellow dashboard that keeps clutter to a minimum. There’s a small joystick for selecting forward and reverse, but most controls are operated by one of two centrally mounted touchscreens, with the speedo and battery charge level shown in the top screen, and sat-nav in the circular bottom one. The Townpod is also designed to connect wirelessly to portable MP3 players and PDAs.

Nissan’s designers have also incorporated elements called pucks around the cabin. Similar in size to a squash ball, the pucks can incorporate drink holders, mobile phone rests, handbag hooks and more.

The Townpod has been designed to be as future-proof as possible, so the pucks should accommodate future devices too, whatever they may be, while the technology features can be upgraded as equipment advances.

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When is Nissan going to come out with a car that doesn't look as though it was designed back in the 60's to be inThunderbirds!
Not so much a "Townpod" as a Clownpod!

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rear department is super handy to use, well done. otherwise car doesn't look so much attractive. head lights are brilliant but the shape of the front is dull- not square, not circle, not oval, not arrow.. it's nothing really, looks like old ball missing some air to be pumped. bright yellow interior is not realistic because people who are using this car as van, their hands could be dirty very often. empty dash behind steering wheel simply doesn't work.
big plus for pucks and hole on the roof thou.
seats look like no side support at all :/

and AutoExpress, can't you please make your web page more compatible with Google Chrome? especially pop up for photo viewing.. it's time already!

It looks like a mini cube! I would definetely buy it

Really nice car model. It is very different car. It's front side big but see as cute smiley. Nissan is small car model.