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It’s taken until 2015 for the Driver Power survey to feature an electric car, and it’s no surprise that the ubiquitous Leaf is one of two to appear, in 8th place overall.

Owners love their zero-emissions Nissan hatchback. Running costs are, naturally, miniscule, while ride quality, reliability and ease of driving all rank very highly indeed. This is an easy, calm, anxiety-free ownership experience, it seems. Practicality and handling both score poorly, and seat comfort could be better, but overall it’s a triumphant debut for the Leaf. 

Overall average:
Average score from Driver Power
Average score from Driver Power
Build Quality:
Average score from Driver Power
2011-reg Electric, Owner for 1 to 3 years

No faults. Car runs on electric and cost about 2 pence per mile.

Reliability: 5/5 Build Quality: 5/5