Bigger’s better for new Micra

26 Oct, 2009 3:14pm Sam Hardy

Roomier, more stylish eco Nissan revealed.

The wraps are off Nissan’s Micra! These exclusive Auto Express illustrations show how the next-generation supermini is likely to look – nearly a year ahead of its official UK debut.

Following leaked line drawings and official sketches of the newcomer, we've been able to produce these images which show how the Micra gets a MINI-style grille and Fiat Punto-like headlights.

Under the skin is Nissan’s all-new V platform – V standing for versatile – which is lighter and allows for more cabin space than before. It’s set to spawn an MPV version of the Micra, which will replace the popular Note in late 2011.

By achieving a 50kg weight reduction over the outgoing car, Nissan says it has been able to make the Micra more efficient, as well as better to drive. And the cabin won’t only offer more room; quality will be improved, too.

The firm has developed an all-new three-cylinder engine, mated to a fresh CVT auto gearbox, to maximise fuel economy. A stop-start system will also feature. Add in the significant weight savings, and a sub-120g/km CO2 output is anticipated, as are fuel returns of 60mpg.

Prices are set to be equally competitive when the new Micra goes on sale here, most likely in five-door form only, in October 2010.

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It looks amazing. Only kidding, it looks awful.

Its looks won't scare existing owners, but might attract those put off by the current car's A35 styling. Nice job.

But hooray for the return of the CVT -- surely the way forward for small cars.

If Rover had worked on the redesign of the Metro using the same style language that gave us the Rover 214 - it would have ended up looking like this - ten years ago.
Not quite what we expect from a cutting edge Franco/Japanese company.
Neat but uninspired.

Fugly Mugly!

what more can you expect from a compact. it looks fine and just what you'd expect. what do these twats (above) expect. if you want a flashy compact so you can show off to your friends, then buy (and be ripped off) by that stupid Toyota thing Aston Martin is bringing out.

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