Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet on the way

Murano cabrio on the way
Credits: Owen Ready
31 Aug, 2010 3:37pm Luke Madden

Nissan’s drop-top SUV set for debut at LA Auto Show.

Meet the world’s most unlikely drop-top! It might sound difficult to believe, but arriving at the LA Auto Show later this year will be this amazing convertible SUV based on the Nissan Murano.

Our exclusive image shows how the roofless 4x4 will shape up, but Nissan has confirmed that the car will be called the Murano CrossCabriolet, and will feature four-wheel drive and space for four adults. Luggage space will be enough of a set of golf bags, even with the roof down.

Nissan insiders have revealed that the soft-top has already been presented to a select group of dealers in Las Vegas, and will be officially unveiled to the public in Los Angeles.

To make the change from hard-top to cabriolet, the Murano has been switched from a four-door to a two-door, and a set of extendable roll hoops has been fitted behind the rear seats.

The roof will be a lightweight fabric arrangement which folds and stores in the newly designed rear. There have been rumours that a convertible version of the Murano has been on its way ever since the hard-top model was introduced in the UK back in 2005.

Sources at Nissan report that the convertible has been ready for some time, but the market simply wasn’t considered strong enough until now.

Don’t expect to spot too many Murano drop-tops on the road, though. Nissan bosses see the car as an image-building project with an extremely limited production run. On top of that, there are currently no plans to bring the Murano convertible to the European market. The Japanese SUV doesn’t sell in big numbers here, and adding an additional model to the range makes little financial sense.

More details will be available when the car debuts at the LA Convention Center in November.

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I'm surprised that it's taken this long before a manufacturer came up with an open top SUV, and this proffering by Nissan is doubtless the first of many of such a breed.
I'd put a deposit down right now for a 4x4 204hp 2.0tdi S-Tronic A/Q1 with a folding (a la Fiat 500CC) canvas roof - even at the doubtless required (if it ever happens) £30K!!

Yes, all sounds good but when will a manufacturer actually spot the 5 seat convertible market gap. When I saw SUV convertible, I thought someone had finally made one - and I would definately be ordering one - but nope, larger car but still only 4 seats!! There are a lot of 5 people families out there and kids lover convertibles (and their dads of course!!).