Peugeot reveals SXC crossover concept

13 Apr, 2011 6:14pm Jack Rix

Peugeot has unveiled its stunning SXC crossover concept at the Shanghai Motor Show.

Peugeot is thinking big, and here is the proof! The French firm has unveiled its brand new large crossover concept at this year's Shanghai Motor Show, the SXC.

Designed at Peugeot's China Tech Centre in Shanghai, the show car measures 4.87m long, 1.61m high and 2.04m wide - that's a few millimetres shorter, but wider and lower than BMW's X6 - the model the coupe-like SXC is gunning for.

The brave exterior design sticks closely to the themes introduced on Peugeot's most recent concept cars, including the SR1 Roadster, BB1 city car and smaller HR1 crossover. It features the same floating grille, wafer thin headlights and sculpted bodywork as those other show cars, as well as the boomerang rear lights.

Despite its sloping roofline and high waist, the SXC features a spacious cabin, thanks to its generous dimensions, and it's accessed via Rolls-Royce Phantom-style reverse-hinged doors. A two-part panoramic roof floods the cabin with light.

As its looks suggest, the SXC benefits from four-wheel-drive traction, but the powertrain incorporates Peugeot's HYbrid4 technology. A 218bhp 1.6-litre THP petrol engine drives the front wheels, while a 95bhp electric motor sends power to the back. That gives a maximum output of 313bhp with a combined fuel consumption of 48.7mpg and CO2 emissions of 143g/km.

A production version of the SXC is unlikely to reach European shores, but the large crossover market is becoming increasingly lucrative in China - and that's something that hasn't escaped Peugeot's attention. The French manufacturer plans to launch at least one new model per year in China over the coming years - and a production model of this car could form an important part of its plan.

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As its looks suggest the SxC benefits from four-wheel drive traction, but the powertrain incorporates Peugeot's HYbrid4 technology. A 218bhp 1.6-litre THP engine drives the front wheels, while a 95bhp electric motor sends power to the front. That gives a maximum output of 131bhp.

Front and front - and I can't make 218 + 95 = 131.

I like it. What is going on at Peugeot these days? Some amazing cars coming out of there. This looks so much better than any other 4x4 i've seen this year, even the Evoque but then, the Evoque came out almost spot on to the concept, will this? I hope so.

Well bob809, it gave me a warm feeling inside when reading your favourable comments on Peugeot' s SxC concept car.
After all the Peugeot bashing on this site it certainly makes for a nice change.

Let' s not forget that Peugeot is a serious car company.
The brand is justifiably famous for many legendary models like the 404 for exemple which won the gruelling East African Safari a number of times in a row.

Today there are still many 404's and 504's in daily use in Africa over sometimes almost non existent roads where cars of other
manufacturers would in no time at all have shaken themselves apart save for Toyotas. (another great marque by the way)
Now that must say something about Peugeot's excellent build quality.

So this great French marque deserves more respect from those critics who think that mowing down Peugeot products is justified or maybe fashionable, only because they don't happen to like the styling or because they think ( in their dreams) that Fords for exemple are such fantastic cars by comparison.

This really does look excellent, if Peugeot built this the same size as the Juke it would sell like hot cakes!

takata and KIII3R- In the mid 80's I occasionally drove a large Peugeot estate as a taxi, can't recall the model number. It was wallowy, like a canal barge, it was constantly breaking down.
That was then.
Nowadays, I see more BMW's at the roadside than Peugeot's. Yes, they still have some problems, but you only need to look at recent products, concepts, to see they are very serious about taking sales from Ford, Vauxhall and so on -which have become overly expensive- and other well known German brands.
If they iorn out the little things that need sorting, they'll find a resurgence of popularity and the waiting lists will get longer, much like Kia and other 'young upstart' brands have discovered.

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