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The latest 208’s low ease of driving rating in the 2015 Driver Power survey really sticks out among a consistently average set of results: at 177th it’s quantifiably poor, and especially troublesome in the supermini segment.

Down 24 places overall from 2014, the 208 ownership experience is one of low running costs, comfort and enjoyable handling, but performance and practicality are distinctly below par. In the competitive supermini segment, Driver Power suggests the 208 is already struggling to keep up. 

Overall average:
Average score from Driver Power
Average score from Driver Power
Build Quality:
Average score from Driver Power
2012-reg Petrol, Owner for less than a year

No problems with it so far. A full tank lasts me longer than previous cars.

Reliability: 4/5 Build Quality: 4/5
2012-reg Diesel, Owner for less than a year

No problems yet

Reliability: 5/5 Build Quality: 4/5