Peugeot 508 facelift: full details

18 Jun, 2014 1:00pm Luke Madden

The tweaked Peugeot 508 now features a new engine, updated design and the latest technology

The Ford Mondeo-rivalling Peugeot 508 has been updated to include new technology, a fresh design and a 2.0-litre 148bhp engine that emits just 105g/km. The diesel-electric HYbrid4 model is back, too, boasting 85.6mpg and 85g/km – both best-in-class figures.

The new design of the 508 is inspired by some of the most recent concepts from Peugeot, like the Exalt, which featured at the Beijing Motor Show earlier in 2014. That means a narrower grille, stretched right across the front end, where it meets a set of more compact headlights. There’s a more horizontal bonnet on all models and a set of new taillights for the saloon.

As with the current Peugeot 508 range there’s a Saloon, an SW estate version and a more rugged looking estate called 508 RXH. This last version is only available with the HYbrid4 powertrain.

The interior has been simplified so that many of the functions are now controlled through a centrally mounted seven-inch touchscreen. New options like blind spot sensors and a reversing camera are available, as are a range of Peugeot Connect apps providing info on things like free parking spaces, fuel prices and traffic.

Underneath the bonnet, the big news is the introduction of the 150bhp 2.0-litre BlueHDi diesel, which boasts emissions of 105g/km. That’s 10g/km less than the old 1.6-litre e-HDi engine, which only had 112bhp. It’s still not quite the cleanest, though, with the Mazda 6 boasting a 148bhp 2.2-litre diesel with emissions of 104g/km.

There’s also a 180bhp version of the 2.0 BlueHDi and a 165bhp 1.6-litre THP turbo. The latter unit now boasts emissions of 131g/km, compared with 144g/km in the old car. There’s a new six-speed automatic gearbox, too.

Improvements to the HYbrid4 model have meant this four-wheel-drive diesel-electric version has now seen CO2 emissions cut from 95g/km to 85g/km.

The updated Peugeot 508 will go on sale from September 10 and should be priced from around £20,000.

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This new 508 makes BMW 3 series look like its well past its sell by date. I know I know there are those that cant think beyond the default German lot but this Peugeot has a visual elegance and classy interior way above office boring of the Germans. especially Mercedes who are almost broardering on glitzy /naffness obviously for the Chinese far eastern taste

Still not a patch on the Exalt, but certainly better than before.

As much as I still have a strong aversion to PSA cars (still getting a nervous tic every time I see a Citroen C5 or C4GP), I really like the look of this. It'll be interesting to see what Ford can do with the new Mondeo when it finally arrives. Can it better this?

No one wants a French executive car, best to wait a couple of years and pick one up for a grand if you're desperate.

It's not an executive car it's a Mondeo competitor. We'll have to see if the revisions have improved the driving experience but the old one was very underwhelming and didn't compare well to an Insignia, let alone a Mondeo!

The exterior has improved but the interior looks like a 1990s Vectra! I'd be devastated if I had to have one of these instead of a 3 Series!

I own the pre-facelifted version 2 litre diesel, estate. It is very effecient - realistic 60mpg on motorway driven nicely - and 50-60 average driven (properly). It is made suprisingly well and I judge this against mercs, bmw, audi and ford. It is not built like the germans but not overly far off. It is in my experience built better than fords I have owned and Vauxhalls I have used. Fords quality has much reduced in recent years - very poor paint quality and finish to interior in both fiesta's (57reg and 10reg) I have owned. The pug I have is not perfect but feels pretty robust, is comfy and is a proper motorway cruiser - it is not a drivers car and thus I own a swift sport for enjoying the road. The pug feels heavy and steering is vague - however, it is fairly heavy and is set up to be comfy, so really its not designed as a drivers car. Its cheap to buy second hand with lots of choice - do not over look them!

Ford are attempting to aspire the Mondeo as a (to use an outdated term) "executive" car. It now sits in the Granada/Scorpio space.

1990 Vectra ??? All the Peugeots 208 ,308,3008 ,508 have classy interior now and before ..Opel/Vauxhall Imho look rather cheep..

The 508 is classier and better in & outside Imho, than Mondeo and Insignia ..,

There's nothing classy about Peugeot interiors. The 208 and 308 look downright ridiculous and this is just bland. And yes I can see the similarity with a 1996 vectra.

I want to like Peugeot but find the design a bit too rounded and squashed which turns me off. Finally this one looks nice, less fussy, more macho. A little bit of Volvo and a touch of Skyline GTR essence in there, pretty nice in my opinion

Great facelift, classy looks. Very nice car.

I'm liking the direction the exterior styling is taking. Now all they need to do is make sure the advancement of technology is dominantly present to keep up with modern standards. The 308 2014's touch screen simply isn't good enough and i hope the next iteration of the 508 fixes this. They've got the styling just right, now, both in and outside the cars.

Disagree - the RCZ looks rather nice, especially with the leather dash...

Ford to me have lost their way in the styling department recently. Going for the wide mouth froggy look was what Peugeot did a decade ago. Peugeot dropped that look - so why Ford thinks it is s stylish approach I don't know!

I agree - the front quarter view is very Volvo S60. Which is really no bad thing. Looks very classy and solid.

Definitely not copied from Volvo. Pls dig Peugeot 505 pictures of old & see the relationship.

Why is your subjective opinion of more value?

I can see a resemblance with the S60, which doesn't mean that it has no similarity with Peugeot's of old.

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