Porsche 911 Carrera S vs Morgan Plus 8

9 Oct, 2012 12:56pm

The Morgan Plus 8 costs about the same as a Porsche 911 - but is it a worthy rival?

The Porsche 911 is the default choice if you’ve got around £80,000 to spend and want a fast, usable sports car.

But is there anything altogether more British, with a similar sense of satisfaction, for the same amount of money?

In this video, our resident racing driver, senior road tester Owen Mildenhall, pits the new 911 Carrera S against an unlikely rival: the Morgan Plus 8.

Owen stretches the legs of both sports cars around the twisty Anglesey test track in North Wales, before naming a winner. So can the mighty Plus 8 topple the engineering excellence of the new 911?

Check out the video and be sure to read our review of the current Porsche 911.

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Ah yes owen join the pimps , wannabees sport sturs and gushes over the duckbilled platypus raped by a great blue whale that began life as a Karman Ghia.

Okay. You gave us the appetizer. When do we get the Exige S feast?

The reviewer even said himself that the Morgan isn't about driving on a track in pursuit of a laptime... so why do it in the comparison then? Typical pointless review. How come it's never the other way round, like the title of the review being "we're going to drive around some A and B roads on a hot summer's day at no more than 10% over the speed limit and we'll see which car exudes the most character". Then the morgan might have a chance but it's never like that. I have a 911 but I understand what Morgans are about and it's not this. Next week's video: Ferrari 458 Vs. Ford Galaxy.