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26 Jan, 2009 10:54am

New Porsche Boxter interior revealed, as latest prototype is spied out in the cold!

Porsche has only just unveiled the facelifted Boxster, but that hasn't stopped its engineering team getting work developing the all-new car, due in late 2011.

Auto Express' exclusive shots of the newcomer also reveal that the interior shares much in common with the larger Panamera four-seater, with the enlarged rev-counter sitting pride of place within Porsche’s trademark five-pod instrument binnacle. The dash is dominated by new sweeping air vents too.

The new Boxster will be wider than the outgoing model. The increased track will help high-speed stability, whilst also giving passengers increased room.

Forthcoming pedestrian impact regulations also mean that front of the Boxster will be quite different to today’s car. The legislation also necessitates moving the wing-mirrors to the doors, which will also be a feature of the new 911, due around the same time as the Boxster.

The flipside of this is that aerodynamics can be improved, and a new active rear spoiler will further enhance the car’s ability to cut through the air.

Porsche will also concentrate on reducing the car’s weight, and, while the revised direct injection six-cylinder petrol engines will remain virtually unchanged, Porsche will introduce an entry-level turbocharged VW-sourced four-cylinder unit for the first time. Six-speed manual and PDK double clutch gearboxes will be available too.

The current Boxster and Cayman are built by Valmet in Finland, but sources claim that Porsche has negotiated a more competitive deal with Austria’s Magna Steyr, that will take over the car’s construction.

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