Cayman Clubsport for LA Show

30 Jul, 2010 2:21pm Tom Phillips

Porsche to launch hardcore Cayman in November.

It’s the Cayman with extra bite! According to reports from America, Porsche has green lit a more focussed version of the Cayman. Set to be called the Clubsport, the newcomer will make its world debut at the LA Show in November, and will go on sale here around the same time.

The Clubsport will be based on the Cayman S. And just like the Boxster Spyder, the range-topping car will feature more power and less weight, and provide a fitting send off for the current generation car before the all-new Boxster and Cayman family arrive in late 2011.

The performance of the S’s 3.4-litre flat six engine has been uprated, with power rising from 320bhp to 328bhp, while Porsche’s PASM suspension, which drops the car by 20mm is fitted as standard. A limited slip differential, tweaked steering and uprated brakes are also included.

With the PDK transmission option, the Clubsport will sprint from 0-62mph in 4.6 seconds, 0.5 seconds faster than the standard Cayman S.

But the main focus with the Clubsport is shedding 80kgs. On the outside, the car gets 19-inch lightweight wheels, aluminium doors and a lightweight rear bonnet. Poycarbonate windows will be optional, as will a stereo and air conditioning. The Clubsport also gets a bespoke bodykit, including a revised front bumper, rear diffuser and fixed ducktail wing.

On the inside, the doors feature the same fabric pulls as fitted to the Boxster Spyder, while there are sports bucket seats and Cayman Clubsport badges aplenty. An optional Track Pack will also be available, including a rear roll car, harnesses and a fire extinguisher.

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