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06-reg Petrol, Owner for 1 to 3 years

The Cayman S has fantastic handling & superb brakes, although could handle 60 more dobbins - say have the Carrera S engine installed! The ride qulaity with PASM & 19" wheels is fantastic & knocks spots off my BMW on 18"s. Comfort is excellent & the sports seats are supportive for both my wife & me. Interior design is functional & well manufactured; although without the design flamboyance of a TVR. It's a compact car, although practical with 2 boots allowing plenty of space for the weekly shop or 2 weeks touring, as we did this year. General fuel economy is 26 mpg with 30+ on a longer run. Road tax is a bit steep as is Porsche main dealer servicing, which takes the edge off ownership. Pleased that I bought it? Yep. Do I plan to keep it? Yep. Am I a happy bunny? Yep. Go on - buy one!

Comfort: 5/5 Practicality: 4/5 Ride Quality: 5/5 Ease of driving: 5/5
09-reg Petrol, Owner for Less than a year

A surprisingly practical car which is a pleasure to drive. Even after the first flush of enthusiasm has passed.

Comfort: 4/5 Practicality: 4/5 Ride Quality: 4/5 Ease of driving: 4/5