Rolls-Royce SUV is taking shape

Rolls-Royce SUV
1 Oct, 2013 6:35pm Mike Rutherford

Rolls-Royce CEO confims designers are already working on SUV - and our exclusive image shows how car could look

Rolls-Royce has given the clearest indication yet that it will build an SUV - and our exclusive image show how the amazing model could look.

Built at its Goodwood factory, and going on sale by 2017 at the earliest, the Rolls-Royce SUV will take on a rash of luxury 4x4s due over the next few years.

Rolls CEO Torsten Muller-Otvos has just put the successful launch of the Rolls-Royce Wraith coupe behind him. Now he’s desperate to develop new products for an increasingly important, fresher, younger breed of super-rich buyers – from high-profile sports, music and film stars to dot com billionaires. Despite their wealth, many are in their thirties or even twenties, could well be Chinese, and have a desire to own a Rolls – but not necessarily a ‘traditional’ limousine.

“The SUV segment is an interesting one,” Muller-Otvos told Auto Express. “There’s growth in the SUV sector and such a vehicle is thinkable. I’m open to that. Our design director, Giles Taylor, is already doing the first sketches.”

Our images show how Rolls’ latest design language – as seen on the Ghost and Wraith – could translate into a higher-riding SUV. The traditional chrome grille sits proud at the front, topped off by the signature Spirit of Ecstasy. Meanwhile, the graceful lines and rear-hinged doors both provide plenty of Rolls-Royce class.

For the full story on the Rolls-Royce SUV - and more exclusive images - buy the latest issue of Auto Express magazine, on sale now.

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The render makes it look like a fridge (or an Audi Q-series) so let's hope the real thing has a chance of elegance.

shockingly bad lol, meet rolls royce transit!! expect a lawsuit heading AE's way

Possibly the most tasteless looking thing I have ever seen.

I thought the 5 series GT had set the benchmark for ugly way beyond what would be achieved in the near future. Who ever created this photoshop however is one sick twisted individual.

If Rolls Royce ever makes a SUV
it needs to take a different design direction then a High Wagon Version of a Ghost or Phantom, in that case just do a nice Phantom Estate or shooting brake and call it good! Do a SUV and it needs to be different! We have already seen BMW can make a decent Range Rover, so why not take a Rolls Royce SUV? Take it above Range Rover and make it more like a Modern Original Benz G-Wagon or Land Rover Defender. Rough, Tough, Versatile and Luxurious. Make it look the tough part only taking a few Roller design ques. A another version of the platform could be used for Rescue, Military or Safari type Vehicles. This would go nicely with Rolls Royce's Heavy Engine Heritage!

As they won't sell any outside of China I doubt it really matters.......


Rolls Royce meets Skoda...

With a number of high profile SUV's apparently coming onto the market, Aston Martin, Bentley and Lambo to name just three, it would seem an obvious way to go, however, none of the concepts have been pretty, and this one is just as ugly.

I really hope that they decide not to go down the SUV route, instead, Rolls needs to go down the sports car route, something like a Merc SL, a grand Tourer, now that would be a great seller.

This dog has all the style of a bread van. It's an exercise in hideousness ^^


The new Coleen Rooney-mobile, yuk!

This finally proves that BMW management have genuinely lost the plot.

A Rolls Royce SUV? It's shaping up to be even more ugly than a Porsche Parmigiana.

"Hello, is that Rolls Royce? I've decided that my Phantom isn't quite vulgar enough. Is there any chance that you can supply a vehicle that makes it even more obvious that I'm obscenely wealthy and totally lacking in good taste?... You can? Excellent, I'll take three."

Is it me or is there something slightly Hitleresque about the front elevation? Its the pencil moustache / grille thing...

Who on earth did this? Chrysler? It's truly tasteless and awful.

Despite being a brand afficenado I think the tasteless award has to go to the Bentley SUV concept. I am hoping that the current delay is related to a redesign. There are three vehicles currently in development (Land Rover Defender, Bentley SUV and Rolls Royce SUV) where we are unlikely to see anything more than "photoshop" images of these vehicles until the launch date. I wait with anticipation for the final reveal!.

not sure what the craze is with SUV's. its just a daft idea spreading like the plague. they don't drive them off road and they are rather arrogant drivers. this might be based on a X5, won't be good off road and will look like a oversized phantom. not a difficult job in the design studio

One word...'Stupid'
Makes an Audi Q7 look sensible. What a great way to trash a brand.

Let's hope that image is so 'exclusive' that Rolls Royce never make such a Frankenstein monstrosity. Porsche have just about got away with an ugly SUV but Rolls shouldn't follow suit!


They've certainly made the Bentley look good with this render.

When referring to the BMW do you mean quality or off road capability? Because you never see X5's at an off road centre and there is reasons for that and its not price.

No taste when owning a Phantom? Sorry but no. The phantom is a fantasticly pompus car, just like a Rolls should be.

That is horrendous! It looks like a Rover 75 tourer mated with a victorian era fireplace.

BMW have finally managed to destroy Britain's proudest brand. Following Cadillac with their Escalade truck and other detritus. Another automotive obscenity to please the moneyed few with absolutely no taste.

Volkswagen buys Bentley and styles the 'Falcon'.
BMW is licenced to put the Rolls-Royce name on its cars and AE comes up with this image.... Can anyone spot a pattern here?

Thank goodness not everything in life is as unreliable as a Volswagen.

My God, its a Kia!!

It looks okay, but it needs to be a lot bigger, beefier, and it needs a lot more ground clearance if it intends to compete with the likes of the range rover. Royce needs to pull off something extraordinary with this one as there is strong competition with the likes of Merc GL and Range Rover Sport

RR, please don't do that... Remember Bentley's escapade from few years ago? Some things are better left the way they are... no SUVs from RR and Bentley, please....

Actually... the sheer size of the base limo is comparable to most SUV on the market. The shoulder height is not much higher. Meaning its actually an estate instead of SUV, scale wise

I like the Rolls Royce SUV that is taking shape

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