Skoda shows Vision D design concept

28 Feb, 2011 7:00pm Tom Phillips

Five-door Vision D concept reveals future design direction for Skoda and offers glimpse of new family car.

Skoda is readying a bold new look for the Octavia. After top brass toasted best-ever sales of 750,000-plus cars in 2010, they have signalled an all-new design direction at the Geneva show in a hatch that paves the way for the next family model, and the look of all future Skodas to come.

The striking white five-door Vision D concept features an enlarged front grille flanked by smaller, simpler headlights than we’ve seen on previous Skoda models. 

Clean, unadorned surfaces provide a look of solidity that’s similar to the latest cars from stablemate VW. At the rear, the concept features a stubby tail with a series of horizontal lines, giving the appearance of extra width, and stylised C-shaped tail-lights.

Jozef Kaban, chief exterior designer for Skoda said: "This new design language is about simplifying surfaces and using great proportions to make an attractive car. There are lots of cars out there that use fancy details to mask poor design, a Skoda will never be one of them."

On the inside, the vents and dash-top mirror mimic the angular shapes of the exterior, while the futuristic feel is enhanced by the use of crystal glass on the centre console. A tablet computer doubles up as the touchscreen display and can be removed when your journey is over.

The interior has also been conceived with space in mind, with the designers making use of the newcomer’s long wheelbase to maximise room for passengers and luggage.

Elements of the concept will dictate the look of the firm’s next generation of cars, including the fresh logo, which will adorn all models by 2012. 

The newcomer is most likely a glimpse at the new Octavia, which will be key to Skoda’s move into emerging Russian and Chinese markets, as bosses plan to double sales by 2018. It’s also a celebration of ownership by the VW Group, which first bought into the Czech firm 20 years ago this month.

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Looks ok but that glass roof not very practical outside the 'frigid zone' of Europe. Where I live, the sun shines!!

WOW!!! That looks bloody awesome. Of the big three VAG marques, Skoda has been the one to breaks the mould, but this new design direction lifts them head and shoulders above Seat and VW...

Skoda are definitely pushing the design boat out, this looks great and externally we might actually see something like it on the forecourts, maybe. Inside is a bit too concepty at the moment though, can't see much of a clue to future direction there.

Always appreciated the quality of Skoda (on a par with VW) at a percentage of the cost but the last few designs (with the exception of the Yeti) have been dowdy and rather unattractive. This is exciting and I can't wait to see the production version - hope it doesn't stray too far from this!

I like it quite a lot but I detect a little too much Audi in there. When will we see a new Fabia because, frankly, the current model is hideous and a complete turnoff from the original mk1 which was a handsome car.

That's just an Audi with a different grill surely?

Skoda needs its own identity - more like the Yeti, less like an Audi rip off...

But, James, with your comment about the Mk2 Fabia - you're absolutely right! It looks are awful compared with the Mk1.

wonder how it will actually look, I assume they are going to have a proper bonnet that doesn't extend to include the tops of the front wheel arches?

I am a repeat Octavia buyer, attracted by good ergonomics and driveability (my 2.0TDi DSG is faster than most), good specifications in L&K, and sheer practicality. I do hope the cabin of the new car has all of the door, dash and roof pockets of mine. There are none in the photos. No where to put anything. Stupid. If not I will be looking for another car.
Adding crystal is daft - who wants more weight to carry around and use fuel?
I'd been hoping for a sharper looking car, and apart from the huge amount of glass, it is OK. I'd thought it would use more plastic parts to keep weight down, and maybe the Superb's fancy boot/hatch. More powerful engines with better fuel consumption - they were good when I first bought but are now looking out of the race. Some of the electronics like the electric parking brake from the Passat, and 4 wheel drive with DSG on all models.
PS - my first thought when I saw this was Vauxhall Cavalier.

@ JamesRiley & @ bfgmartin,

I agree. A bit too much like an Audi. Good looking car, though, just not distinctive enough from it's stablemates.

I like the evolution of the Skoda grille - the current one is a bit too abrupt for my taste. Clean design but too bland from the rear 3/4 view. Frameless windows not a good idea and the glass rooof/rear window needs work, but otherwise a good effort - and not very Audi-like at all in my opinion

I don't like the side view.
I don't like the rear view.
I don't like thesharp body creases.
I don't like the frameless windows.
I don't like the enormous roof glass.
The only view I do like is the lowdown full frontal view.

It will be intersesting to see how this concept influences the next generation Octavia estate.
I consider my current Octavia estate is both elegant and at the same time understated and difficult to improve on visually.
I'm very happy with it but, having seen this concept, I'm not sure I'll be placing another order for an Octavia estate unless the outside is 'softened' somewhat.

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